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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

He's going to be "hot" when he gets my responses. I attended a dinner with CCHC, a freedom focused, health care oriented group last evening and listened to one of Hitler's own tearfully talk about how she was brainwashed into believing that she did not need to think/choose because the wonderful Adolf Hitler would simply tell her what to do. She destroyed lives, murdered people.....She did not recognize evil because it was intoxicating and appeared as something "good." A wonderful speaker who is infinitely more credible than the likes of Finck. She lived Hitler's word, which was not of God but was of Hitler and it was evil. She spoke of her fear that the Finck's of the world are working to destroy America and said she sees more and more signs of the rise of the New Reich. She hopes she is dead before it comes again because she cannot bear to walk through more blood.

We'll be eagles in chicken coops, and the Finck's of the world will believe we should thank them for the crumbs they throw to us. He is not only sick, but he is a dangerous man, Arlene.



Editor's note: The aforementioned Letter to the Editor refers to William Finck, a so called Christian who has attacked my work and who called me several derogatory names. His Web site is and just for identity purposes.

To the Editor:

A lot of what I have come to know comes from the historical facts that were eluded to in history but were cast aside in the last 30 years or so. When King David took up with Queen of Sheba, they had a son together. His name was Malkezadek. When Sheba took him back to Eithiopia to be with her people and he turned 13, he desired to join David and meet him one on one. The Jewish priests knowing that David had turned from his godly ways and that his entire house was damned from within, realized that Israel's first dispersion was about to happen (the barbarians were coming to plunder) and they wanted that Ark of the Covenant protected. So they built a replica of it and kept it behind. When Melkezadek was escorted back to his mother ( he was about 18 then), they purposely put the real Ark on the caravan accompanying him home.

In the 1950s when Emperior Haille Sallise of Ethopia was asked about the exact location of the Ark, he stated that it was being protected in a hidden valley in Eithopia and that his entire family line had been entrusted with it. He stated that in the last days the Jewish people would regard them (Felange Jews) with respect and dignity that they had never known for centuries and he knew why. He was pressed further, but would not comment. When Israel's Mossad flew overnight flights between Tel Aviv and Adadas Ababa in the late 1980s, why did it happen? Because they had given the government of [the state of] Israel determined proof that they did indeed have and have been protecting the Ark of the Covenant since David's reign was lost. Today the Felange Jews have been totally accepted however begrudingly by Israel. They have been given socialized medicine, a welfare system, and top education in [the state of] Israel. Mossad experts have admitted to all of this in the last 10-15 years. The Third and final Temple is being built on which the Antichrist is going to declare himself god. The Jews have the implements ready for temple service and all the dyes have been found to dye the priests' clothes. Arlene, we are really closer than we think to all of this taking place.

Take care,



Editor's note: The aforementioned Letter to the Editor has to do with the first Spirituality article, Blood on the Mercy Seat, that I published in the 32nd edition, and was sent by a Christian who is an expert on Genesis.

To the Editor:

How do I get the rest of the story I – V ? = Honest Money Part VI The European Connection @


New York

To the Editor:

The Swiss have just had an exercise in true democracy and they seem to be getting an awful lot of flack for it.

David Ballantyne

Host of Rise and Shine

WCPE Radio, 89.7 FM

North Carolina

To the Editor:

I spent several hours on the magazine part of your website, starting with winter 2001. It had been awhile since I had read anything about the murder of JFK, and I could not remember the name of the book, but it was good, and went into David Ferrie #1 and David Ferrie #2, and had the two Lee Harvey Oswald's. They put a lot of emphasis on the New Orleans mafia man Marcello (I am going by memory and it seems that he got a visit from law enforcement and was dropped off in some remote area and left to his own survival, saavy? Another book was Michael Collins Piper's book of the JFK murder. One aspect that was under reported was that Dealey Plaza was a Masonic hub and Texas had plenty of Masons. Who wasn't a Mason on the Warren Commission? Earl Warren 33rd degree, Gerald Ford 32nd degree, the Dulles brothers, but only one on the commission. Again, with my poor memory the Dulles brothers were basically spies, and Spector with the magic single bullet lying on the gurney!

I thought your coverage that I read was great. I remembered Dorothy Killgallen from What's My Line? She was so sharp on that show. I never bought in that she killed herself, and to have the scoop with Jack Ruby, it was obvious that the corruption was very bad, and I doubt that it has improved.

I finally got a great explanation of the Trilateral Commission from you and what it meant to Rockefeller and the interlocking directorates of all his corporations and how they interconnect globally, and with his billionaire friends, and his trillionaire Rothschild cousins. How the weasels were working OPEC, and using them as excuses for high oil prices when they found a way to unbelievable profits. With a little reading between the lines, the TC was a scam to be even greedier, if that is possible, while pretending to be concerned about Third World countries, well, at least in their resources.

I will have to finish with the Trilateral Commission before I can start another subject. You (and I mean this in a good way) remind me somewhat of Eustice Mullins in how you present the material. Thank you for all your work and time that you have poured into subjects that interest you, and I can't wait to delve into your hard work.





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