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The Future
                                                           Tim Pawlenty

Author wishes to remain anonymous

Tim Pawlenty is going to run for President. Pawlenty is tied to real estate fraud, banking fraud, Exxon lobbyist for Weber-Johnson, which tied him via his brother to Vin Weber, until he appointed Vin to direct his Presidential Campaign.

Philip Agee wrote of the National Endowment for Democracy's (NED) affiliation with CIA and USAID - disgusting/dirty. Vin Weber was Chair of NED when it was started. Vin tied it to the Center of the American Experiment in Minnesota. Weber is a member of the Bilderberg Group.

Putting that scenario together, it appears to me that the CIA owns the President and that you must be a CIA dog if you are to even receive anointing to run for the office.

Editor's note: Tim Pawlenty is the governor of Minnesota. Hmmm The elite chose Carter, who was the governor of Georgia, in 1976 to be their puppet in the White House that year. Now, they are doing it again. Be aware that if this information becomes widely known, the elite will just choose someone else who would follow their dictates instead.



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