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Myth Breakers
                                                                           Christ's Birth

By Rev. Dr. Anthony G. Pike

December 23, 2009

As the 2012 'climax of the ages' draws near, St Anthony wishes to disseminate the following information concerning our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's birth, life and Second Coming.

Jesus was born on Feast of Firstfruits Sunday, 22nd March 2BC (16 Nisan 3759). Wise men visited Jesus Tuesday, 17th June 2BC. Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Egypt 7 months July 2BC - February 1BC. King Herod died end of January 1BC. Jesus ministry lasted 1 year from April AD29 - April AD30. Jesus died at Passover Friday, 7th April AD30 aged 30. Jesus resurrected on Feast of Firstfruits Sunday, 9th April AD30 on his 31st birthday as per Jewish lunar calendar. Jesus ascended into his father's spacecraft on Thursday, 18th May AD30. Day of Wrath aka Great Cleansing commences Friday, 20th April 2012 (28 Nisan 5772). Second Coming Thursday, 30th May 2030 (27 Iyar 5790).

So, folks, there you have it - the full lowdown on Jesus birth, life and Second Coming. By the way, St Anthony was born on Easter Sunday 9th April 1950 which is the exact date Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday 9th April AD30 and St Anthony's only begotten son, Daniel, was born on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) Saturday, 3rd October 1987. Interesting, ain't it!! St Anthony wishes all his esteemed listeners around the world a very happy Christmas even though the date of 25th December as Christ's birthday is a load of cobblers!!

Yours in the battle for planet earth,

Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)

Cosmic Research Foundation

Markapur, A.P. 523316, India


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