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Elk Run/Bilderberg-Carlyle-CFR links

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June 7, 2009

Perseus-Soros AgBio advisory group.

If you've not yet looked, the following groups are represented at the Pine Island, Minnesota Elk Run biotech development project:

- Bilderbergs via Frank Pearl

- Council on Foreign Relations via Frank Pearl, James Johnson

- Goldman Sachs via James Johnson, Kimberly Foerster, Anjali Jolly, Bilal Ishaq Khan, Michael J Rapport

- Brown Brothers Harriman & Co via Christian Staby, JT Mauk

- Carlyle Group via Terry E. Everett (Served as an advisor to Carlyle's founding partners, managing directors and global investment professionals, which includes former Heads of State, Fortune 100 CEO's and international corporate executives.)

- Lehman Brothers via James A. Johnson,

- Citigroup via Norman Selby, Dave Bartlett

- Enron North America via Michael L. Miller

- JP Morgan Partners (Formerly Chase Capital Partners) via Anjali V. Jolly, J.P. Bauman

- Greenbriar Equity Group via Michael Rapport.

The group is set to begin vaccination trials in Rwanda behind a front established by former World Bank representative Leonard Ruiz, Jr (BiovirX) with partnership with the Mayo Clinic's Franklyn Prendergast. It is unclear whether Franklyn is aware of the larger agenda of this group, in particular the Bilderberg/Carlyle Group.

Editor's note: My guess is that he is aware of the larger agenda of these groups.

The CIA is embedded in state are heavily represented in University of Minnesota Agriculture programs and the State Department of Agriculture.



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