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Bolshevik Revolution in Russia 1903-1918


Threshold question: How was an army of tens of thousand able to invade and annihilate between 50 and 70 million people? Were they just good shots?

A clue to understanding this phenomena is knowing the motto of the aggressor army: "We make war by deception." or "By deception we make war."

The Bolsheviks made no qualms about the violent overthrow of a country by a 'working class.' They completed the overthrow by deception. They loaded up a few soldiers onto trucks or just marched through the countryside until they came across a farm. An officer went to the door and politely introduced himself. The soldiers kept their distance.

The officer explained that he was with the government and that he was conducting a census. No big deal; no cause for alarm, right? Usually the woman of the house answered the door if she was not in fact already outside working at her tasks. The officer would ask questions like "how many folks are there in this household?" "Are they all here today?" "Are any working in the field or at the neighbors or in town?" If some were in the field they were asked to come to the farm house. The entire family was thus assembled. A brief census was conducted and a typical family tree was generated to account for all of the living relatives from the eldest grandparent to the newborn. "Are there any non family people living or working with you at this time?" was another typical question.

This procedure was taking place at the same time throughout all of the farm land area as the Bolsheviks spread over the country side piecemeal. Some farms were close, others at some distance from one another. Couriers were sent from farm to farm to keep the officers informed of each other's status. Once it was ascertained that (1) all of the folks on the instant farm were accounted for, and (2) the status of the neighboring farm (within earshot) was the same, then the order was given to the soldiers to slaughter every man, woman and child! Honest farmers were busting their arses, minding their own business, harvesting their hay, etc., while their neighbors were systematically being gang raped and murdered.

Like a low spreading grass fire the Bolsheviks continued this strategy from farm to farm unchecked. Most farms were out of earshot from one another. The peaceful hard working farm family had no warning as to what calamity was approaching. The small neighboring farms close enough to hear gunshots had their executions coordinated simultaneously as to not alarm the neighbor. A very clever and diabolical plot in its simplicity. This is evil!

These events took place in the early 1900s in very rural areas. They did not have electricity or running water. There were no paved roads or even automobiles for the average farmer. They had no telephones, cell phones, no c/b radios, no short wave radios, no 6 o'clock fools on the television. As I said, they did not even have electricity! There was no Internet to communicate with other people. They most likely did not even have a postal mail service like we had at that time. Mo milk man or UPS driver passing through. No farmer's son out cruising on his 4 wheeler or dirt bike. Get the picture: they were sitting ducks...lambs for the slaughter!

Like a swarm of locusts silently invading and devouring as they went after farm after farm was overthrown by the Bolsheviks; the farmers slaughtered. They were not asked: Whose name is the farm in? Do you have a deed to the property? Are your taxes paid this year? Is your property allodial? Are you registered to vote this year? Do you have a permit to plant potatoes? They just rounded folks up and exterminated them! It was genocide, and the victims were white, Anglo Saxon folks! They blushed rosy, they were Israelites! Talk about the dark ages!

I suppose that there was the occasional man on his way to visit his neighbor who had come upon another incidental neighbor who had been slaughtered, but what would he have done under the circumstances? Would he have returned home or continued on to the intended neighbor to warn him? I suppose proximity could have been a factor; i.e which house was closer?

Suppose he went forward to warn his neighbor: did he arrive in time or at the wrong time, or was he too late? If in time, how did they prepare themselves? At best a man may have seen the soldiers do their dirty task and still be able to warn his neighbor, but if so, how much of a fight could one or two (possibly unarmed?) men do against a dozen or so hostile, with the intent to gang rape and kill, soldiers? How much resistance could a dozen farmers armed with rifles accomplish against an invading army with their wives and children right in the line of fire?

That's how they slaughtered untold millions of innocent lives. They slaughtered them by the thousands every day; day after day, month after month. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. After the food production was destroyed in the countryside the cities were starved into submission. None of those folks had a Bill of Rights Article 2 or even a working knowledge of history. None of them had a snowball's chance in hell.

What will be our excuse when they go city to city, county to county, farm to farm? When will enough be enough?



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