Another Massacre Operation:

NATO transforms human rights into
a death discourse


Ref: News Agency DIN, Argentina.

Authors: Writers, journalists, painters, visual artists, film makers, actors, and other cultural workers.


There is great confusion around the conflict in Yugoslavia. The political hypocrisy of the civilized countries that compose NATO has created false dilemmas, disconcerting alignments, and silent accomplices. The United States has attained this method to legitimize its massacre operation thanks to the participation of the European Sociodemocratic governments, principally those of Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy.

The mass media, almost entirely, propagates the truth of the attackers: NATO defends the Kosovars threatened by Milosevic. In that way, the death of the Serbians and the ballistic errors are naturalized as logical effects of the inevitable war. The television only shows painful images of the Kosovo refugees, while the bombing victims of the Serbians population do not appear on the screen. In the land devastated by allied fire, there are not bodies or pain.

Through the gigantic propaganda apparatus, the owners of life and death create false options, sanctify the Kosovars and demonize the Serbs. This is dangerous because the operation identifies the Serbian people with the oppressive Milosevic government and the defense of the Kosovars with the NATO action. To the ethnic persecution that the Kosovar people have suffered is added the tragic, massive exodus provoked by the bombs. In the case of the Serbians, the NATO attack achieved the destruction of the valiant democratic opposition movement against the dictatorial regime of Milosevic.

To accept the false dilemmas that NATO proposes is a form of complicity. In the intellectual camp, there are those who, to defend the Kosovars, ignore the rest of the population and end up allying themselves with NATO. Several intellectuals have been brought to the cynicism of justifying the bombings in the name of human rights, among others, Susan Sontag, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Juan Goytisolo, Salman Rushdie, and Gunter Grass. For these intellectuals that so lightly put to the side the deaths of others, the end justifies the means. The means are in sight. The ends are not discussed.

We will speak about the ends. The urgency of Clinton and his associates in provoking this war covers political, economic, and military interests. The invasion of the Balkans permits:

-Taking a fundamental step in the surrounding of Eastern Countries, principally Russia, and to find the perfect excuse to convert Albania into a North American air force base for new military operations in Eastern Europe, Kurdistan, and the Middle East.

-Consolidating NATO's role as police force of the world, with total impunity acting above any other arbitrator.

-Pulverizing the region, producing impotent mini-states and creating a series of states divided by NATO.

In synthesis, the objective is to impose control of the occidental powers over the diverse economic and political areas enforced by the disintegration of the old Yugoslavia, to implant the free market and establish definitively, the military presence of NATO in a European region of strategic importance.

Do not treat this as a war. It is a genocide, a punitive action of terrorist character against defenseless people, International solidarity is fundamental to detain this crusade of extermination. Because of this, we demand:

The immediate end of NATO's bombing against Yugoslavia.

-The right of the return of the Kosovo refugees to their land.

-That peace is guaranteed through an international force composed of countries not involved in the Balkan attacks.

Editor's note:

At the time of this writing, the bombing of Serbia had not ceased. We made the decision to publish this article because very learned scholars know that Serbia and Kosovo are not the only areas of the world in which conflict can culminate in war or genocide. The major powers need to recognize that taking innocent lives violates international law and does nothing to create harmony among people. It only serves the purpose of multinational corporations which are then brought in to rebuild the country or countries involved.


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