Twenty eight years after it occurred in calling “the tragedy of Dallas,” the film, “JFK” by Oliver Stone was distributed to plant doubts of the truth of the crime. In new data contributed by investigators allows us to analyze the subject with several new elements, but still insufficient. For the North American  people, the official version is less and less credible that the assassin acted alone. Moreover, the hypothesis takes more body from a plot that can have manifold protagonists, from the CIA to the Mafia.

Who Killed Kennedy?

This is a summary of the article by Ruben Guillem which was originally copyrighted by Clarin in February 1992. For the original article, travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Oliver Stone’s film, JFK was released in December in the United States and in January 1992 in Argentina.  It questions whether Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin or was he part of a conspiracy.
Howard Donahue, a North American expert in armaments stated unequivocally that the bullet that killed President Kennedy was shot accidentally by an agent who is supposed to safeguard the president.
Everyone who was alive at that time remembers where they were when they heard the news of the president’s assassination on the 22nd of November 1963.
Bells tolled every minute for one hour in London,  England which is normally reserved for deaths of  the members of the Royal family. In Western Berlin 25,000 students created a march of torches in front of the building of the city.
In Hong Kong, communist refugees lit small perfumed incense in front of their idols because of the man who had made it possible for so many of their compatriots to enter the United States. In Zaire, Eduard Bulundwe, who was president of Katanga secessionist, said of him, “President Kennedy will take the mourning to the smallest hamlet of our country, being a man who liked the blacks and fought for them.”
In every one of the countries where the film is being projected, the Stone film revives memories and doubts of the past.
In a Time magazine survey and television chain CNN provided  this past 5th of January it is revealed that 75 per cent do not believe the Warren Commission report or official version of the crime.
The poll indicated that 72 per cent of the people who were interviewed did not think that the truth had been disclosed on the murder, and 73 per cent think that there was a conspiracy to murder the president.
Of the people who think that there was a conspiracy, 50 per cent think that the CIA could have been involved, 48 per cent think that the Mafia was involved, and 34 per cent think that the Cuban government had some participation.
[Publisher’s note: There is ample documentation that Cuba was not involved in the assassination, and that this indeed, was disinformation.]

It is Stone’s thesis which was supported by Jim Garrison’s book who was the public prosecutor in New Orleans, Louisiana that President Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to end the Vietnam War.
Arthur Schlessinger, Jr. a civil employee in the White House during Kennedy’s term who said that President Kennedy was considering the possibility of withdrawing the troops after the 1964 elections.
In fact, in July 1962 President Kennedy instructed his Secretary of Defense, Robert Mac Namara to make plans to retire the North American advisers with the date limit to break the commitment being 1965. But the CIA did not agree with these plans.

Oswald and Jack Ruby, both implied in the crime worked next to Marcelo. The gangster leader was facing deportation which would have meant the ruin of his empire which was based on drugs and prostitution.
Oswald also worked in 1963 with two intelligence agents, Gay Bannister and David Ferrie, in an operation called Mongoose operation, a plan to demolish Fidel Castro’s government.

The Warren Commission stated that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and that there was no conspiracy.
One week ago the CIA made the decision to publicize the results of its investigations, but nobody wanted those documents to shed much information on the case.
After thirty years have elapsed without any new developments occurring, there are two alternatives in the murder of John F. Kennedy. Either the conspiracy was better planned of history, or  that  the version related by the Warren Commission, although barely anyone admits it, is all true.
For the people who support the Warren report, the versions of the conspiracy tend to be a reaction of a society which does not resign itself  to the fact that Kennedy died at the hands of Oswald (a crazy man) and prefers to think of the assassination as a great fault that includes the CIA, FBI, the Dallas police, the government and all.
When President Reagan’s life was attempted by John Hinckley in 1981 luck prevailed. There was an explosive round lodged in Reagan’s lung close to his heart but it did not explode.
There is no doubt that John Hinckley was crazy who acted to kill Reagan. Would this be the same version have been accepted if Hinckley’s bullet had killed Reagan?
Oliver Stone’s film has allowed all these questions to return. It will not be in vain. He was the same Kennedy who, in his presidential campaign in 1960 said in words in Idaho, “The sense to analyze the past is what gives us keys for the future.”


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