Letters to the Editor

Hi Sis, As always I'm hoping that when my correspondence reaches you that it finds you and your family in the best of health.
Listen, I'm going to comment on the Trilateral Commission from the True Democracy that you sent me. Now sis you are the best. Your work can not be expressed in words. Don't stop what you're doing; you are a very deep sister.

N. Allen, New York

Dear Arlene-
Thank you for pointing me to True Democracy. This is something we have lost in the UK and all my contacts with Government, Military, and Civil Servants supports this. We too have a shadow government that is faceless, nameless, unelected and unaccountable- no wonder we are in trouble!

I grieve over the violent terrorist acts in New York and Washington but just as much over the claims and violence issuing from the mouths of leaders claiming to defend 'democracy.'

As a Christian I am reminded of the the story of the tower of Babel, that monument to human hubris and greed. Bush's foreign policy has made clear that he will seek to espouse any cause that suits the USA and ignore all others. This extends to control of international finance and selling out to the multinationals. Polluting the world and denying justice to other nations. The needy of the world are held in chains of debt with no hope and immigration brings the poor to our lands seeking economic survival. The earth continues to be polluted. The biblical grounds of judgement remain and are ignored- "you sell the needy for a pair of shoes" "you cheat with the weights in the balance," "I despise your feast days and religious fasts." "Let justice roll down like mighty waters and righteousness like an everflowing stream" "What does God require of you but to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God".

The only way is one of repentance and restitution. Not War. That will solve nothing.

Best wishes,
Malcolm Hooper
United Kingdom

Dear Arlene Johnson ,

Thank you for signing [the petition] , and thank you for sending the
password for "True Democracy."

It's very interesting .  I'm reading the articles,
and saved the demands; I'll certainly send them , and
distribute the demands to comrades . .
it's good that there is a different voice like "True
Democracy" in the USA.

There is a conference from 5 to 8 November against
globalization , I think Ralph Nader will come to it .

Salam - Peace - Shalom
Maher Kouraytem
Beirut, Lebanon

Dear Arlene:
One tidbit about Jimmy Carter.  You may know it but I have the information from a
VERY unimpeachable source.

Jimmy Carter and Stansfield Turner fired around 7-800 covert operative CIA guys.  
Carter tried to get a handle on that organization.  Of course, just firing
them doesn't stop them from continuing.  They were the group which put Ronald
Reagan into office.  And Mr. Reagan bought totally into the covert operative

One HUGE Achilles tendon of the shadow government is the Gander Air Crash of
December 1988 which killed around 250 (the number varies according to which
report you read) of the 101st Airborne Division.  Had the truth been brought
out on that one, Reagan would have been impreached and George H. W. Bush,
Oliver North and a slew of others including Colin Powell would have been
convicted of MURDER.


Al Benson

Dear Arlene,
Greetings = Taheyyati
Thank you very much for your support to the Palestinian Struggle against
aggression and for freedom and independence.

The Palestinian people do appreciate this kind of support, specially when it
comes form such an honest person like yourself.
Again, six million thanks from all the Palestinian people, refugees, in
diaspora, and under occupation.

Best regards,
Steve Dajani

"Arlene, that scumball was obviously a degenerate Rethug wannabee [want to be]
idiot posing as a human being!!!"
"Please don't leave just because some mental deficient Rethug says something
stupid"!!! "Because that's what they want to do to all of us, break us up"!!!
"There is strength in numbers, and they can't stand that we know the truth
about their Illegal activities"!!!

Mr. Evans "Freedom Fighter!!!"


Thank you so much. I have read it and saved it. Thank you once again.
You have given my brain enough food for the year. :)


Greetings Arlene,
I have already e-mailed a long list of Poli-trics-ians [cunning politicians] from your list on the True Democracy Site, the auto response often states that they will
focus on responding to e-mail from their home state.
I will continue down the list until I end them all.

Thanks for your work,

Thank you Arlene.
We agree wholeheartedly.
Much love and keep up your great work.
Len Horowitz


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