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Coming Together in Brotherhood

Here are a few thoughts to share with you and others that read this e-mail:

Washington, DC--- Six years ago, an historic event occurred in the nations' Capitol where over 1 million Black men came together in the true sense of brotherhood.

The date was October 1995. Many people thought the event would not happen because of the organizers and the media hype. Yet, over 1 million brothers and some sisters came to the Mall in Washington, D.C.

It was the first time since being in the area that I walked in the toughest neighborhoods unafraid, I rode on the bus, I hugged brothers and sisters that I DID NOT know, gave money, talked, shared and it was one of the best days of my life.

If you can believe the pundits, they say the crime statistics fell across the country. There was a dispute about the numbers. But, if you were there... THERE WAS NO DOUBT over 1 million strong brothers were there.

Many people wondered what would be the lasting impact of the Million Man March (MMM)? Not once have I wondered. Why? Because brothers left the MMM determined to be better brothers, fathers, uncles, Black men. And, many have kept their word to do so.

One of the most important groups to emerge a few years later was the MATAH Network. This is a group of brothers and sisters with the sole purpose of uplifting the Black race and helping us to achieve our economic freedom.

What sets MATAH apart from others is they have a PLAN that works. The focus is on two areas. (1) Raising the consciousness of Black people. (2) Providing an economic way to help our people make a living through the creation of businesses on a part-time or full-time business.

Equally important, the co-founders Al Wellington and Ken Bridges are marketing and business geniuses with heavy MBA credentials from the prestigious Wharton School of Business. And, they have worked in the corporate world and have been very successful in running their own business.

I can also tell you they have shown nothing but love and respect for our elders and reached out to them for guidance in the best approach and ways to help our race. Dr Edward Robinson is in his eighties and is just a phenomenal brother that loves us. There are many more dedicated brothers and sisters emerging across the country that have joined the Matah Network.

I want to extend an opportunity to each of you to visit the MATAH Network website and join. I will include specific information about me at the end of this e-mail to help the process be as smooth as possible. And, please e-mail when you join/participate so I can properly welcome you to my team.


Again, please visit the website today! Then, e-mail me to let me know you have joined so I can welcome you to my team. The first 10 people to join by September 28, 2001 will receive a special gift from Voice & Pen.

Take care,

Tom Boneparte
Matah NBC I.D. # 2123-1050
Business/ Voice Mail: 703-585-6460


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