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Fund To End Child Abuse

President Bush plans to spend $120 BILLION  on Star Wars, and can't find 100 million to help stop child abuse! Something is way wrong with that. Please take a minute, click on the website, and contact your Congressperson.

Stop Child Abuse Funding

This is an urgent message from and the National Child Abuse Coalition.  Please forward as quickly and as broadly as possible!!

Time is running out to secure vital funding to protect our nation's children from abuse! President Bush's 2002 budget request is nearly $100 million less than is authorized for child abuse prevention programs.

Every day, four children die and 3,000 more become victims of severe abuse or neglect - 40 percent of these children are under the age of six. Child abuse and neglect is at epidemic rates in our country - and the number of reported incidents is on the rise.

You can help! ACT NOW to urge Congress to provide full funding for these life-saving programs! Send a free, pre-written message to your legislators at During the month of September, Congress will be making final decisions on the 2002 budget. Please raise your voice, and let them know that protecting children from abuse is a spending priority!

Go to now and send a free, pre-written message that tells your legislators to provide full funding for all Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act programs!

Let them know that keeping our families safe is the people's mandate!

Please do not circulate this message after September 30. By then, it will be too late.This is an urgent message from and the National Child Abuse Coalition.  Please forward as quickly and as broadly as possible!!
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Editor's note: If the public schools had cared, the demand from the first edition which says "Fund for parentlng skills in high schools;" would have been implimented, but they don't care by and large, so that aspect of caring would have been undertaken months ago. Moreover, parents are the victims of a highly dishonest government. Everyone is lashing out due to fear and as a result the children are the victims of their parents' rage because they are small and easy targets.


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