Another Downed Flight-
American Airlines Flight 587

by Richard L. Franklin

Almost from day one, I figured American Airlines Flight 587 had been downed by a bomb or missile.  It was immediately clear the plane had virtually disintegrated in midair.  The very first video shots showed four distinct black plumes of smoke  rising up from four separate areas in Rockaway, Queens, New York. Wings and engines contain  jet fuel. This suggested the plane  had broken up into major parts, namely  wings and engines, which  contain fuel.

The next thing we saw on TV was a series of interviews with witnesses. They all had heard a tremendous noise prior to the descent of the plane. They all had seen debris raining down in the wake of the plunging plane.

As far as I was concerned, it had to be foul play. Planes don't simply disintegrate in midair, even when something as major as an engine blows up or falls off. Almost any mechanical failure still allows the pilot to fly and usually to land the plane.

I immediately figured there would be a cover-up as carefully orchestrated as the TWA 800 cover-up. I only needed one more indication to convince me this would be the case. I waited to see if explosive sniffing dogs would be immediately  brought in to sniff out the chemical compounds used in making explosives. To my knowledge, such dogs were never brought in. I've seen crews of NTSB personnel combing through the wreckage, but I have yet to see a single dog on the scene. Nor has the NTSB chairperson ever indicated in her frequent press conferences that there will ever be any such dogs brought to the scene. I'm sure no dogs have been used. If they had, reporters would have been all over the NTSB and FBI with questions about bombs. The media toadies are ignorant as hell, but they're not that dumb.

These dogs are a marvel. Dogs have at least 50 times as much olfactory sensitivity as humans. An elk hound can smell an elk at a distance of 20 miles. An arson dog can smell the chemicals of an accelerant and where the accelerant was used in a house that has burned down to the foundation. Dogs often can sniff a buried corpse. They can sniff cancer cells in a human body more accurately than the most sophisticated medical technology. (Within a decade, there will be cancer sniffing dogs at every cancer center in America.) Explosive sniffing dogs are an absolute must for a scene such as what we've seen in the Rockaway area.

Government toadies keep telling us they have absolutely no evidence that would suggest foul play such as a bomb or missile. This may be partially true. After all, if they refuse to look at the evidence before their eyes or to sniff out explosive residues using dogs, I suppose they'll never see any evidence of a bomb.


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