Northrop Corporation

Makes U.S. anti-gravity craft, back-engineered from alien technology, near Lancaster, California

[Editor's note: Lancaster, California is in the city of Los Angeles.]

Why can't engineering be used for something other than weapons? Northrop is designated under the Weapons classification on the Shadow Government Web site. These people can advance science immeasurably if only they were given the chance.

Here is what the company statement states:

Company Profile
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Northrop Grumman provides an array of world-class technologies and core competencies to military and commercial markets, principally as a leading defense electronics, systems integration, and information technology company that retains strong capabilities in military aircraft systems and modifications, commercial aircraft assemblies, and marine systems.

In demand as a prime contractor, principal subcontractor, partner, and preferred supplier, Northrop Grumman participates on many high-priority defense, commercial aerospace, and information technology programs in the United States and abroad. The Company's growth strategy is bolstered by a strong financial base, led by an experienced leadership team, and executed by a dedicated workforce.

Northrop Grumman is a broad-based enterprise that can meet the demands of both the defense and commercial aerospace environment and plays a major role in some of the world's most advanced weapons systems and technologies. The company is aligned in three business sectors to sharpen its collective focus in principal business areas, achieve operational efficiencies on a significant scale, and enhance its competitive position and opportunities for growth in the aerospace marketplace. The three business sectors are: the Integrated Systems Sector, based in Dallas, Texas; the Electronic Sensors and Systems Sector, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland; and Logicon Inc., based in Herndon, Virginia.

The Electronic Sensors and Systems Sector (ES3)

This sector makes a wide variety of defense electronics and systems, airspace management systems, precision weapons, marine systems, space systems, and automation and information systems. These include fire control radars for the F-16 fighter aircraft, the F-22 air dominance fighter, and the Longbow Apache helicopter. Other key products include the AWACS airborne early warning radar and the Joint STARS air-to-ground surveillance radar sensor, as well as the Longbow Hellfire missile and BAT "brilliant" antiarmor submunition. ES3 also provides tactical military radars and countrywide air defense systems, plus airborne electronic countermeasures systems intended to jam enemy aircraft and weapons systems.

ES3 is a world leader in airspace management, having produced more than 460 civilian air traffic control systems in 12 countries. It also makes sophisticated undersea warfare systems, and naval propulsion and power generation systems. Additionally, it provides postal automation, image processing, material management, asset track and trace, and data communication capabilities for package delivery firms and government agencies.

Logicon Inc., a Northrop Grumman Company

This Northrop Grumman subsidiary is a leader in advanced information technologies, systems and services. Logicon plays a leading role in providing information technology services to the Federal government through its ANSWER and Millennia programs with the General Services Administration. Logicon is also part of a team working with the Internal Revenue Service to modernize the nation's tax system.

Logicon has extensive expertise in command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. It is the principal management support element for major weapons systems, such as the U.S. Navy's AEGIS, while also providing mission planning for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Special Operations Command. Logicon provides base operations support for NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the Cape Canaveral Air Station and Patrick Air Force Base, among others. In addition, Logicon provides information technology services to commercial customers and to the other Northrop Grumman sectors.

The Integrated Systems Sector (ISS)

ISS is the prime contractor for the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS), the most advanced airborne targeting and battle management system in the world, and the U.S. Air Force's B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. It has a principal role in producing tactical aircraft such as the U.S. Navy's F/A-18 Hornet strike fighter and the Joint Strike Fighter. It also produces the EA-6B Prowler electronic countermeasures aircraft, and is upgrading the E-2C Hawkeye early-warning aircraft. Northrop Grumman also is the world's largest independent supplier of commercial aerostructures, including fuselage and tail sections, doors, control surfaces, nacelles and thrust reversers for a variety of commercial and military aircraft.

The Litton Sector

Northrop Grumman's Litton Sector is the largest builder of non-nuclear ships for the U.S. Navy and designs, builds and overhauls surface ships for government and commercial customers worldwide. The Litton Sector is a leading provider of defense and commercial electronics technology, components and materials for customers worldwide.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the sector has approximately 22,000 employees worldwide. It has two primary business areas: ship systems, and electronic components and materials.

Ship Systems - Amphibious assault ships - Ingalls Shipbuilding is the exclusive builder of the Wasp LHD Class; Avondale is the prime contractor for the San Antonio LPD 17 Class. Destroyers: Ingalls is one of two shipbuilders designing and producing the Arleigh Burke DDG 51 Class Aegis guided missile destroyers. Sealift Transport Ships: Avondale is building a series of T-AKR Ro/Ro Sealift ships for the U.S. Navy. Tankers: Avondale is building a series of double-hulled oil tankers. Cruise Ships: Ingalls is constructing the first major cruise ship built in the U.S. in more than 40 years as part of an $880 million contract with American Classic Voyages Company.

Electronic Components & Materials - Electronics & Optical Interconnect Applications: complex, large, many-layered backplanes and assemblies; high-density electronic and optical connectors; microelectronic attachment materials, including solder spheres, precision wire and pastes; RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies; electronic manufacturing services. Communications Materials: semi-insulating gallium arsenide wafers; advanced silicon carbide wafers; non-linear crystals for DWDM optical networks; laser crystals for medical and industrial applications. Motion Technology & Special Products: fiber optic rotary joints for medical, industrial, aerospace and military applications: fiber optic switches: fractional horsepower brushless motors; avionic instruments and displays; microwave antennas and components; cylindrical connectors for transportation, nuclear and entertainment industries; pressure swing and ceramic oxygen generators."

This company will have to be satisfied with manufacturing non-military goods.


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