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February in Peterborough saw our local Hammick's Bookshop inviting a handful of authors along to talk. The difference being that theses writers came from the distinctly left-side of the field.

The first was Robert Temple who back in the mid 'seventies first released his book, 'The Sirius Mystery' This set out his theory concerning Aliens bringing knowledge to Earth around 5000 B.C. As the book has been re-published, his talk was about this. His slide-show started with pictures of the Dogon people of Mali and their view of Sirius as related to their religion. Then came a crash-course in Astronomy, (including super-dense matter) and Heroditus.

Much is made in his book of the Merfolk that supposedly brought the Alien knowledge and built the Great Pyramids, (as that is what Aliens do). These I felt could be seen as composite creatures, a common outgrowth of Animism. And a social view could be derived from the waters associated with births being linked to the birth of ancient societies.

What I did find interesting was the portion on Geodetic Mysteries - the positioning of various sacred sites around the Eastern Mediterranean. What is also intriguing is that in Peterborough we have a massive bas-relief depicting, amongst others, Oannes, (a Babylonian deity); Nu-Kunas, Fu-Hsi and Quipu, (Chinese water spirits); and from Greece Minerva and the ship the Argo surrounded by Dolphins. All of which feature in Temple's book, though this carving dates from the early 'sixties. (Though my friend Kelly says the carvings are actually Dagon, Deep-Ones, Yog-Sothoth and other Cthuloid characters).

The following week a much smaller audience gathered to hear Jenny Randles talk about her book, 'UFO Crash Landing', about a series of reported sightings at Rendlesham Forrest in Suffolk. Through her slide-show she explained how she became involved in the mystery in January 1981. The story of the sightings the previous Christmas included dead dogs and Englishmen, a courting couple and even a travelling salesman. Though what he was selling at Xmas remains un-revealed. In those woods, American Airmen claim they met not Teddy Bears but something far stranger. To give her her due Ms. Randles points out the inconsistencies in the story and did show pictures of objects from around the world that were first unidentified, but after research proved to be ejected aircraft fuel or even an out-of-focus road sign.

Her own theory of what was going on relates to a Top Secret American N.S.A. base nearby at Orford Ness. This was involved first with Project Cold Witness, (an over-the-horizon radar system) and then Project Cobra Mist, (which expanded the former into an SDI weapon). This Jenny believes was used to bring down an expiring Soviet satellite. This, in part, was backed up by a member of the audience who, when in the military, was involved with training Special Forces (S.A.S. & S.B.S.) in the area.

The last of the writers, a few days latter, was Andrew Collins, promoting his tome 'Gods of Eden'. His slide-show presented a theory that the Great Pyramids were built by Ancient Egyptians after several centuries of perfecting the art by building lesser Pyramids. A radical concept, with no Aliens or Atlanteans in sight. Beneath the Sphinx though, he believes, there is a cavern, The Hall of Records, predicted by the psychic Edgar Casey. Interestingly, it is his Foundation that sponsors much of the archaeological investigations in that area. Something the professionals are not keen to talk about. This Hall of Records Andrew believes is referred to in the Edfu Building Texts and other ancient Papyri. He theorises this is evidence of a pre-dynastic culture which later migrated to Kurdistan. This latter part was covered in his earlier book 'Ashes of Angels'.

All in all, three writers who were both interesting and thought provoking. While I did not agree with everything - some presented contradicting ideas - I enjoyed these talks and I would recommend anyone to at least hear them out. Keep an open, if sceptical, mind.

Reviewed by Kaz Rathgar

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