Department of Energy

You may be wondering why this department is in this section. I'll tell you. In addition to what the Web site from which the documentation came for the Shadow Government, the various presidential administrations don't want to do research into wind and solar power. They are too intent on maintaining oil,  coal, and nuclear for energy.

On December 26, 1994 in Los Angeles, I met the secretary of the professor who has the solution to the nuclear waste problem. She told me that the United States arrested him because he did and placed him in jail. If anyone knows how to find this professor, please contact me because I lost the business card the secretary gave me.

I contacted every engineering school in the United States to try to locate him but was unsuccessful. The only person who gave me help was one head of one school who told me, "Yes, this is a political issue."

If you think about this, you will understand that the waste is placed where minorities live. They are subject to harm because of that fact. Therefore, not only must we find the solution to the nuclear waste problem, we must develop wind and solar power too.

Coal mining kills. A close family friend's father died at a very young age because he was a coal miner in Ohio. Additionally, Native Americans stress that Mother Earth should not be disturbed. They are correct; she shouldn't be disturbed.

All the funding which now is concentrated in evil goals needs to be redirected to positive goals. Thank you.


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