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From The Department of Energy Web site:    
The Department of Energy has a rich heritage of meeting important national goals in the areas of energy, national security, science, and technology. Its mission is to contribute to the welfare of the nation by providing the scientific foundation, technology, policy, and institutional leadership necessary to achieve efficiency in energy use, diversity in energy sources, a more productive and competitive economy, improved environmental quality, and a secure national defense.

The Department's foreign intelligence program is a component of the Intelligence Community. Its missions are: to provide the Department and other US Government policymakers and decisionmakers with timely, accurate, high-impact foreign intelligence analyses; to detect and defeat foreign intelligence services bent on acquiring sensitive information on the Department's programs, facilities, technology, and personnel; to provide technical and analytical support to the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI); and to make the Department's technical and analytical expertise available to other members of the Intelligence Community.

The Department traces its membership in the Intelligence Community to July 1947 when national leaders recognized that the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) had an appropriate foreign intelligence role and authorized AEC representation on the Intelligence Advisory Board. Following enactment of the National Security Act of 1947, the AEC's intelligence role was affirmed by National Security Council Intelligence Directive No. 1 of December 12, 1947. The Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 transferred the AEC's intelligence responsibilities to the Energy Research and Development Administration. They were subsequently transferred to the Department of Energy by the Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977.

Executive Order 12333 directs the Department to: provide expert technical, analytical and research capability to the Intelligence Community; to formulate intelligence collection and analysis requirements where the expert capability of the Department can contribute; to produce and disseminate foreign intelligence necessary for the Secretary of Energy's responsibilities; and to participate with the Department of State in overtly collecting information with respect to foreign energy matters. Substantive areas of the Department's intelligence responsibility include nuclear proliferation, nuclear weapons technology, fossil and nuclear energy, and science and technology. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978 greatly expanded the proliferation-related responsibilities assigned to the Department.

Ed's Note: Notice when this contingency of Energy came into being-1947 the same year as the CIA and reportable to the CIA. Notice also how it indicates "National Security." National Security is just a euphemism for "you stay ignorant so I can earn billions of dollars because you are." National security doesn't protect people like us. It protects the elite and the military. The United States government is the perpetrator of terrorism wherever and whenever it feels that the need would benefit the elite. Then, when others retaliate, it calls them terrorists or it creates terrorists as it did with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Wackenhut Corporation Connection with the Department of Energy Intelligence

A discussion on the Wackehnut Corporation - Salon's Table Talk (Politics) Forum - August 1999

This "conversation" took place over a few days in one of the Politics threads on Table Talk. There were other posts and other topics discussed. This is an extract. The participants are identified by a first name or initials. If you are familiar with WebX forums, you know that each post has a heading that identifies the poster, the number and time of the post, and possibly a "tag line" of the poster's choice. Those have been removed in the interest of brevity.

The Wackenhut discussion is interesting in the way it evolves, brings in outside sources, and makes connections with current and past events. This "thread" shows online discussion at its best. Note how the discussion is acompanied by links to other sources. Take the time to read the links. It adds to your knowledge and furthers understanding of what is going on. The posters will agree with me that this "thread" was a journey of discovery and led to a better understanding of Wackenhut and how it relates to many issues we are concerned with.


Susan: So where do we go from here? Wackenhut also provided "security" for Rocky Flats in Colorado.Check these out: <>

Mushroom cloud over Denver? - A top Department of Energy official is caught on tape worrying that security is lax at Rocky Flats weapons facility.


<> GOP heavy-hitters support Jeb Bush's foundation.

News-Journal Wire Services

MIAMI - A private foundation touted by gubernatorial candidate Jeb Bush as a grassroots educational group counts longtime Republican donors and some of Florida's biggest corporations among its top supporters.



by Steve Mizrach

October Surprise, Iran-Contra, Noriega, Iraqgate, and BCCI The Wackenhut Connection

The Wackenhut Security Corporation of Miami, Florida, has long been suspected of being a CIA front. The right-wing politics of George Wackenhut, who had ties to Belgian fascists and South American death squads, are well known. But few people realize that Wackenhut, a small company with "only a few" employees, gets some choice assignments, including guarding nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons facilities, the Alaskan Oil pipeline, and several American embassies; or that its board of directors contains several luminaries from the FBI, CIA, and Army Intelligence, including Bobby Ray Inman. Wackenhut has led a covert crusade against whistleblowers at many nuclear power plants, using wiretaps to eavesdrop on them and various 'subtle' techniques to convince them not to talk; it also spied on Chuck Hamel, a critic of the Aleyska Oil Consortium's drilling policies, by setting up a fake environmental-law firm which sought to "pump" him for his sources. Wackenhut may have even used some operatives to try and help topple President Perez of Venezuela through a (failed) military coup, largely for money (rather than politics) it was given by Blanca Ibanez, the mistress of Jaime Luinschi, the former president.

Karen: Here is the connection to John Birchers' software program in it. That's where the value was -- in setting up all that hardware. And they needed to get the Inslaw in order to get the contract fulfilled.


It's my understanding that there are a number of companies -- that were built up along the lines of the Wackenhut security group -- that, in fact, owe their beginnings to intelligence personnel who were purged in the 1970's after the revelations of the involvement in Chile and with the involvement in the assassination attempts in Cuba, and the Bay of Pigs, etc.; and that the Brooks Intelligence Committee led to a certain amount of light being shined on these activities, and a number of these people were retired early, and they went into the private security field.

Also, these people, who went into the private security field, made an alliance with a number of wealthy rightwing individuals who collected private personal files, tracking liberals and potential trouble-makers to the numbers of thousands and tens of thousands of names. As a matter of fact, I did a story a few years ago on a case where the Los Angeles Police Department was told that they had to get rid of these files that they had been keeping from the 1960's and 1970's on radicals or whatever; liberals, really -- judges, etc. They lied and said they had destroyed this material, and then it was discovered in one of their officer's storage facility. And it was then discovered soon afterward that the contents of the files had been sent to an agency of the John Birch Society that specifically followed and created its own database on individuals.

So, you can believe that there are out there private organizations, that are well funded, that keep track of people whom they feel that the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. have been scared away from.

Ted: I was about to say that Wackenhut might be a part of the "diversification" of the CIA that the so-called Overclass started in the 1970's with the ring of Foundations (Overclass = The usual families). Steve Kangas wrote at length about this. But without further proof, it might just be Sci-Fi thinking. I have seen Wackenhut security in several complexes.

BT: I recall Wackenhut Security from a discussion about the privatization of security for national labs in the Reagan era. I also recall that the company had CIA or some-such connections and in effect, were the "lax security" that oversaw our laboratories.

John: Wackenhut Security is the only private security company that can operate on Military Bases, due to an old law....They are also the Security at Area 51 for what that may be worth.

Sure sounds like Cronies to me...Just think about a security system on a Military base not controled by the Military, or the Administration....Red Dawn could become White Dawn, working from the inside.

Susan: <>

Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXXII by J. Orlin Grabbe

8. Why has Wackenhut Corporation been guarding the bus station in Little Rock? If one of those buses has an accident, will it go BOOM? Wasn't Wackenhut guarding the facilities of Kennemetal when it was smuggling machine tools to Iraq? Wasn't Wackenhut guarding the facilities of Westinghouse when it was smuggling nose cones to Iraq?

Isn't there missing plutonium at some of the nuclear facilities Wackenhut is allegedly guarding? Wasn't Wackenhut guarding the Mena airport when it was this nation's drug- smuggling center?

Lee: But let's start at the beginning. Who are the corporate founders of the company Wackenhut (now that we've established links to Bush and CIA, let's take it step by step) What was their first security contract and who mandated it and stamped approval?

If it is true about the nose cones and secrets and weapons being illegally shipped while on their guard.....and it can be traced back to Reagan/Bush, and gotten to the papers it could blow off Shrub quickly.

What President other than Bush has ever pardoned drug smugglers? Why wasn't there a bru ha ha about it at that time. Why isnt there a bru ha ha now?

Next, IS Wackenhut tied to the privatized prison system in Bush's Texas as someone here indicated? What is the name of the company running the prison systems again? Any of the same people in Wackenhut?

Tom: Lee, I suppose they probably are tied to privatized prison systems.


The Wackenhut Corporation - Press Releases

September 1, 1999

Wackenhut Corporation Receives Multi-Site Contract for Commonwealth Edison

The Wackenhut Corporation is a leading international provider of integrated business services to major corporations and a wide range of industrial and commercial customers. Its principal business lines include security-related services; correctional services; and flexible staffing services. The Company is a leader in the privatization of public services for municipal, state and federal agencies, and has operations throughout the United States and in over 50 other countries on six continents.

The Wackenhut Corporation is the majority shareholder in Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (NYSE: WHC), a global leader in privatized corrections: designing, financing, building, and managing correctional and detention facilities for government agencies.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, August 6, 1999 - The Wackenhut Corporation (NYSE: WAK, WAKB) today reported an 18 percent increase in second quarter 1999 net income to $4.7 million or 30 cents a share on a fully diluted basis, from $4.0 million or 26 cents a share in the second quarter of last year. For the first six months of the year, net income increased 34 percent to $8.7 million or 57 cents a share on a fully diluted basis from $6.5 million or 42 cents a share in the first six months of 1998, prior to the cumulative effect of a change in accounting principle incurred in the 1998 first quarter.

Revenue increased 27 percent in the second quarter 1999 to $530.3 million from $416.7 million in the second quarter of 1998. Revenue for the six months increased 26 percent to $1.0 billion from $815.3 million in the 1998 period.

I take it that these are the guys making money from incarcerating cocaine abusers. Wonder how much money they donated to shrub's campaign?

Susan: Bingo! That's why I was looking into Wackenhut in the first place! Non-violent drug offenders bring in the bucks for Wackenhut in two ways - the building of prisons and housing them, and slave labor. I found Wackenhut contributed to Jeb's campaign in Florida, but I can't make heads nor tails of that FEC site for Shrub's contributors

Then there's the small matter of finding out if indeed Wackenhut provided security for Mena...and that videotape rumor circulating.

Wackenhut and security at the nuclear come Chris Cox never mentioned him in the Cox report?

Grace: I was searching Google for INSLAW Wackenhut and found this site. It's run by FAS, a group trying to get cold war documents declassified. There are links to numerous intelligence pages. Still looking for Wackenhut clues but thought other searchers would like this place. <>

Grace: Be warned, this is an article in Spy Magazine, 1992. I don't know anything about their reputation pro or con kookiness, but it give information on Wackenhut that should be verifiable.

"Our sources confirm that Wackenhut has had a longstanding relationship with the CIA, and that it has deepened over the last decade or so. Bruce Berckmans, who was assigned to the CIA station in Mexico City, left the agency in January 1975 (putatively) to become a Wackenhut international-operations vice president. Berckmans, who left Wackenhut in 1981, told SPY that he has seen a formal proposal George Wackenhut submitted to the CIA to allow the agency to use Wackenhut offices throughout the world as fronts for CIA activities."

Later in the article: "WE MET GEORGE WACKENHUT IN HIS swanky, muy macho offices in Coral Gables. The rooms are paneled in a dark, rich rosewood, accented with gray-blue stone. The main office is dominated by Wackenhut's 12-foot-long desk and a pair of chairs shaped like elephants‹ "Republican chairs," he calls them -- complete with real tusks, which, the old man says with some amusement, tend to stick his visitors. The highlight of the usual collection of pictures and awards is the Republican presidential exhibit: an autographed photo of Wackenhut shaking hands with George Bush (whom Wackenhut, according to a former associate, used to call "that pinko" as well as framed photos of Presidents Reagan, Nixon, and Bush, each accompanied by a handwritten note"


Susan: Here's a list of prisons Wackenhut operates - <>

Jim: Wow, what a page of pages. The next prison to be built around W. Pa. is in, Paulette's, Fayette county - 600 new jobs - that's all the people see - anybody have a dime for a re-habilitation center.

Those employees who would work in those prisons will make minimum wage and have NO benefits and suffer from high turnover.

Susan: Jim, <>

Jim: God; it gives new meaning to the words - kick-back, payoff, graft, corruption, all equating to "Privatize".

Chris: I have always known the privatization of prisons was bad. Now I know more. Consider this: George Voinovich was govenor of this State (Ohio) for 8 years. Now he is Senator.

Paul Voinovich (George's brother) builds private prisons. Just before election day last November, there was an article about money laundering by the Voinovich campaign. This was the day before the election. He was elected.

After that the investigation fell apart because somebody died and somebody changed his story. End of scandal.

The "colorful" Democrat Jim Traffacant from Youngstown, Ohio is also a force for the building of private prisons.

The new govenor, Bob Taft, is following in Voinovich's footsteps. The Republican party in this state has been taken over by the extremists. And I was worried about the Christian schools.

A Rehab Center OTOH would employ Professionals who would make a decent living and contribute much more to the Community.

But a Rehabilitation Center would actually HELP someone. Can't have that!

"Incarceration IS Rehabilitation".....GeoDumbya

Susan: <>

As you can see, our Federal Prison system has a close and very unhealthy relationship with the Military/Industrial Complex in this country. What does this mean? Unicor/F.P.I. is a private government corporation that uses cheap inmate labor for profit and provides the Military with needed supplies and components for its imperialistic goals. This Government propaganda tells you the "F.P.I. is the number one inmate management tool for overcrowded Prisons," but it doesn't explain why Federal Prisons are overcrowded in the first place!

When you consider the evidence linking the C.I.A. - Iran/Contra - Bush/Noriega connection with the increase in drug smuggling over the past ten years, and the thousands of individuals incarcerated as a result of the "War On Drugs," maybe instead of "F.P.I. is the number one inmate management tool for overcrowded Prisons," it should read "Overcrowded Prisons are the number one tool for management of F.P.I.!" With over 80 factories across the vast chain of the Gulag Archipelago and untold billions in profit, Unicor is a very lucrative business to be in!


Over 1.8 million people are currently behind bars in the United States.[Ed's note: Now it is over 2 million.] This represents the highest per capita incarceration rate in the history of the world. In 1995 alone, 150 new U.S. prisons were built and filled.

Prison industries are often directly competing with private industry. Small furniture manufacturers around the country complain that they are being driven out of business by UNICOR which pays 23 cents/hour and has the inside track on government contracts. In another case, U.S. Technologies sold its electronics plant in Austin, Texas, leaving its 150 workers unemployed. Six week later, the electronics plant reopened in a nearby prison

Last one...promise!

Tom: Promises, promises.

Meanwhile, digging way down into the bit bucket, here's more fuel for the fire:


SPY Magazine - Sept 1992 - Volume 6

What? A big private company - one with a board of former CIA, FBI and Pentagon officials; one in charge of protecting Nuclear-Weapons facilities, nuclear reactors, the Alaskan oil pipeline and more than a dozen American embassies abroad; one with long-standing ties to a radical right-wing organization; one with 30,000 men and women under arms - secretly helped IRAQ in its effort to obtain sophisticated weapons? And fueled unrest in Venezuela? This is all the plot of a new best-selling thriller, right? Or the ravings of some overheated conspiracy buff, right?


In 1954, George Wackenhut, then a 34-year old former FBI agent, joined up with three other former FBI agents to open a company in Miami called Special Agent Investigators Inc.

George Wackenhut had two personal attributes that were instrumental in the company's growth. First, he got along exceptionally well with important politicians. The second thing that helped make George Wackenhut successful was that he was, and is, a hard-line right-winger.

It is not possible to overstate the special relationship Wackenhut enjoys with the federal government. It is close. When it comes to security matters, Wackenhut in many respects *is* the government.

Wackenhut is the largest single company supplying security to U.S. embassies overseas; several of the 13 embassies it guards have been in important hotbeds of espionage, such as Chile, Greece, and El Salvador. It also guards nearly all the most strategic government facilities in the U.S., including the Alaskan oil pipeline, the Hanford nuclear-waste facility, the Savannah River plutonium plant and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Wackenhut maintains an especially close relationship with the federal government in other ways as well. While early boards of directors included such prominent personalities of the political right as Captain Eddie Rickenbacker; General Mark Clark and Ralph E. Davis, a John Birch Society leader, current and recent members of the board have included much of the country's recent national-security directorate: former FBI director Clarence Kelley; former Defense secretary and former CIA deputy director Frank Carlucci: former Defense Intelligence Agent director General Joseph Carroll; former U.S. Secret Service director James J. Rowley; former Marine commandant P. X. Kelley; and acting chairman of President Bush's foreign- intelligence advisory board and former CIA deputy director Admiral Bobby Ray Inman. Before his appointment as Reagan's CIA director, the late William Casey was Wackenhut's outside legal counsel. The company has 30,000 armed employees on its payroll.

Wackenhut; The Shadow CIA

Ted: I wonder if Wackenhut and the CIA helped network to get Shrub all those campaign dollars?

I noticed that DeVos was listed in a previous link as one of Bush Sr.'s "Team 100". Perhaps DeVos used the Amway pyramid to generate a number of those donations?

[Ed's note: Amway is a multi-level marketing system which is legal. Instead of putting money into advertising, they put it into research and do not research on animals.]

Lee: Wackenhut is the privatized arm of the CIA, on the stock exchange and generating their own income, unanswerable to govt UNLESS THERE IS A BIG INVESTIGATION BY JUSTICE DEPT....and think about it... who do they put in those jails they are building...non whites mostly...and what is the mission of the Birchers, and Reagan/Bush Nazis? to keep the non whites in their place and save the aryan race....I kid you not know this... so if they're building jails for non whites, cheap labor...and the non white males are thereafter prevented from ever voting.....racist control....

[Ed's note: Even prisoners in Israel are allowed to vote. We will make it happen in the United States with boycott.]'s too much for me to digest....and they are in over 50 many shadow governments are there?

First tney feed them drugs, then they jail them for using them. Population control. Can't do much fornicating from a jail cell.

Tom: That depends upon whether you happen to be incarcerated in a Wackenhut facility:

Providing sex can bring favors at a work-release facility, inmate says.


At the work-release center for nonviolent criminals in North Broward, one inmate says she got preferential treatment from the kitchen supervisor by performing sexual favors -- not only with him, a Wackenhut employee, but with the milk man.

Another inmate walked away because the program's director -- the center's third in command -- was sending her letters on company stationery, offering to rub her down with honey and `kidnap' her to his home. She said she felt she was being stalked.

In another case, a guard married the inmate he'd been having an affair with, hoping to head off an indictment on sexual battery charges. He was never charged.

Behind bars, trading sex for small privileges often is the only thing a prisoner starved for a bit of freedom or a cigarette has to barter with.

But the number of sexual liaisons and security lapses at the 18-month-old work-release facility, run by Wackenhut Corrections under a county contract, raises questions about whether the experiment in privatization is working -- or worth the risk.

Sex for Cigarettes & Pepsi

State hospital's privatization goes smoothly -- so far

By SHARI RUDAVSKY Herald Staff Writer

While the scandal at the North Broward work-release program has realized the fears of some detractors of privatization, another recently privatized Broward institution -- the South Florida State Hospital -- has won guarded praise.

The hospital is the first public mental health facility in the nation to be privatized. State officials and executives at Atlantic Shores Healthcare Inc., which has run the facility since Nov. 1, 2000 hope that it can lay groundwork for others to follow.

Atlantic Shores is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wackenhut Corporation, which owns Wackenhut Corporations, the company that runs the work release center in North Broward. But the Atlantic Shores' contract negotiated with the state had no relation to correctional contracts.


Meredith: Murders at private prison chain rise

Aug. 24, 1999

An inmate in a prison run by a private company in New Mexico was bludgeoned to death with a laundry bag full of rocks, prompting the state Corrections Secretary to threaten to punish the company. The murder was the fourth at a Wackenhut Corrections Corporation prison since the middle of last year, according to the ASSOCIATED PRESS. The other deaths were all stabbings.

Giving prison contracts to private companies has become a growing trend as the number of inmates has skyrocketed. Wackenhut currently holds a $25 million contract to hold 1,500 inmates in its two New Mexico prisons. However, Corrections Secretary Rob Perry has promised that if Wackenhut doesn't clean up its act, he will fine the company or transfer prisoners out of state.

Karen: In Texas, money is missing. <> Wackenhut probed for misusing funds

By GARY DIMMOCK Telegraph Journal

FREDERICTON - Wackenhut Corrections Corp., the U.S. firm chosen to run the province's new youth jail in Miramichi, is suspected of diverting $700,000 (U.S.) intended for drug programs at a Texas treatment center.

In annual budgets submitted to the state, auditors discovered that Wackenhut was profiting from programs that were supposed to be break-even operations.

But that only accounts for part of the cash Wackenhut may have misused.

According to a U.S. newspaper report published earlier this month, task-force auditors identified $307,000 in questionable overhead costs.

And there's one problem in finding out where the money went: Wackenhut refuses to open its books to state-hired investigators.

News of these events reached New Brunswick during last night's televised leaders' debate, during which NDP Leader Elizabeth Weir asked Premier Frank McKenna if he knew anything about the latest controversy to dog Wackenhut.

"What is it going to take for the McKenna government to realize this is a bad deal and a bad decision?" Ms. Weir asked minutes after the debate.

"They simply don't care about what will happen to our young offenders," she charged. "Frank McKenna's more concerned with breaking ground in his riding than with the fate and well-being of New Brunswick's young offenders."

To put young offenders in the care of a profit-driven company is irresponsible, she said. In last night's debate, Mr. McKenna told viewers he was satisfied Wackenhut would meet or exceed government expectations.

If the Liberals are re-elected on Sept. 11, taxpayers will pay Wackenhut $21-million in a three-year contract to run the new youth jail, to be located in the Premier's electoral district.

Grace: Does anyone have information on Spy Magazine? I posted a link to a Wackenhut article published in their September 1996 issue, but I don't know their reputation.

Everytime I try typing Wackenhut, I type Wackenbush and have to correct. Can you slip freudianly while typing?

Karen: Wackenhut, the all purpose rent-a-cops.

<> Wackenhut Rent-a-Cops

While Wackenhut has been on best behavior in its push for the top spot in the private prison field, the parent company garnered much unwelcome notoriety. It provided the controversial protection for strike breakers in the Pittston strike. Its contract with the Savannah River Site and Rocky Flats nuclear facilities brought in $39 million in 1992, according to the company's annual report.

The company's ubiquitous presence at nuclear facilities and the role of its employees in repressing anti-nuclear demonstrations--including intelligence gathering--has made the term "wackenhuts" synonymous with rent-a-cops. The company has resorted to "dirty tricks" against its perceived foes or those of its clients. As security provider for the Alyeska pipeline consortium, for example, Wackenhut employed unlicensed investigators and questionable methods to find and discredit environmentalist whistle-blowers within the company.

Karen: Here's a SPY magazine piece. I hope it's the right one. T.T. is so slow, I'm going to go do some other things for awhile.



By 1966, Wackenhut could confidently state that it had secret files on 4 million Americans.

Tom: You shouldn't believe everything you read but...


Like his friend Jose Basulto, Mas Canosa is a Bay of Pigs veteran with CIA training. Today, he is a sitting board member of Wackenhut, a powerful "security firm" with lifelong ties to the highest levels of US intelligence. [5] He also has close personal and business ties to Jeb Bush, Republican Party big shot and son of ex-President Bush. [6] Together, they have been linked to several failed S&Ls and a drug smuggling operation which brought literally tons of cocaine into Miami during the mid-1980s.

What a small world it is.


Inside the Shadow CIA, Spy's article on Wackenhut

I scanned this in from the September 1992 edition of SPY magazine article on Wackenhut. This will go a long way into explaining "Who is Wackenhut and what are they up to?" Not mentioned in this article is the fact that Wackenhut is also in charge of security at Area-51, the place where UFO activity has often been sighted.

It's being posted for informational purposes only.

The second thing that helped make George Wackenhut successful was that he was, and is, a hard-line right-winger. He was able to profit from his beliefs by building up dossiers on Americans suspected of being Communists or merely left-leaning-"subversives and sympathizers," as he put it-and selling the information to interested parties. According to Frank Donner, the author of "Age of Surveillance", the Wackenhut Corporation maintained and updated its files even after the McCarthyite hysteria had ebbed, adding the names of antiwar protesters and civil-rights demonstrators to its list of "derogatory types." By 1965, Wackenhut was boasting to potential investors that the company maintained files on 2.5 million suspected dissidents-one in 46 American adults then living. In 1966, after acquiring the private files of Karl Barslaag; a former staff member of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Wackenhut could confidently maintain that with more than 4 million names, it had the largest privately held file on suspected dissidents in America. In 1975, after Congress investigated companies that had private files, Wackenhut gave its files to the now-defunct anti-Communist Church League of America of Wheaton, Illinois.

That organization had worked closely with the red squads of big-city police departments, particularly in New York and L.A., spying on suspected sympathizers; George Wackenhut was personal friends with the League's leaders, and was a major contributor to the group. To be sure, after giving the League its files, Wackenhut reserved the right to use them for its clients and friends.

And then, guess what happened to all those dossiers?

Church League of America,

One former key counter-subversion outfilt, the Church League of America, collapsed early in the Reagan years due to an internal schism. The Church League, which once claimed the National Council of Churches was a communist front, shipped its 7 million index cards and 200 file cabinets full of material on "subversives" to the library at Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University where it was stored in a warehouse and saw little if any use.

FileGate III

Sort of the penultimate filegate, you might say. Where is the outrage?

Rich: Check the date of your link. If this is Jose Mas Canosa that they're talking about, I heard that he died last year.

Cheri: Mas Canosa is deceased. His Cuban foundation lives on though....I believe his son now heads it.

Jose Basulto and the rest of the gang are rabid right wingers. Jeb got most of the Cuban vote and I imagine Shrub will too.

Ted: The Wackenhut angle is a new one. I was just trying to summarize some of the connections. Much of what I stated I do not believe to be a part of an intentional plot, such as the War on Drugs. In retrospect the WOD reflects the racist tendencies of it's proponents, and has helped them to realize goals in other, more concerted efforts, such as Scaife's "War on Ideas". This is Scaife's supporters name for his propaganda campaign.

P.G.: I think I disagree...The Wackenhut role goes back a long way. I remember clipping curious items back in the early eighties -before internet- on Wackenhut activities.

Is there a brief summary of their genesis, time line on their early years?

Lee: The Quantum Group is building a factory for prisoners to work in...

Ted quotes 5.75 an hour, they get 1.15 after room and board. This is slave labor...exactly what we have accused China of and other countries and what the nazis did.

This is very serious abuse. unbelievable. Do they volunteer for the jobs or are they forced?

Wackenhut charges the state for keeping the prisoners and then pays themselves again by doing rent-a-prisoner?

Where's this generation's Woodward-Bernstein?

I'm boggled.

BT: A possible place to find someone to write about this is wherever they are about to build a new prison. Also, if a state is considering "privatizing" their prison system. People may not mind prisoners working for their keep as long as the money is really going to defray the cost of imprisonment (and is not forced labor).

I know it costs as much to keep someone in prison as it does to send them to a private college. Now if a company is being paid to run the prison, is making money on a product that the laborers are paid a buck an hour to produce, and is taking most of the rest of the wages, then something doesn't add up.

J.S.: Of course it does, BT. Just look on the line titled "Dividends".

Grace: Why aren't labor unions screaming bloody murder over prisoners taking jobs from law abinding citizens? And as BT brought up, why aren't competitors hitting them with unfair trade practices suits. Another question, is Wackenhut paying fica taxes on the prisoner's wages? If they aren't, the unfair competition is racheted up a level. Employment taxes add about 28% to employers labor cost, depends on the state.

This is really bad. Next prisoners will be required to pay back all costs of incarceration before they're eligible for parole. You sure wouldn't want to be TOO good at your job.

J.S.: I think they're screaming as loudly as they can. Many of the state prison facilities are unionized. When Wackenhut comes in, they frequently have non-unionized facilities. This is part of GOP thinking: prison privatization = union-busting = lower costs = lower taxes. In reality, as I understand it, costs tend to be higher (that little line labeled "Dividends" again) but as long as graft or campaign contributions are flowing, the GOP doesn't mind. After all, they can simply make taxes more regressive, or carve out loopholes like the one Shrub used for his lakesite resort.

Martin: I do believe that the reason G. W. Bush didn't just say no to the cocaine questions was because he knows that there is somebody that really has the goods on him.

It would have been so easy to just say no.

P.G.: I've been listening for two hours...Michael Rupert does not have the tape in is a DEA tape three people say was made and suppressed after it was discovered that the Bush boys were caught on it...made surreptiously at Tamiami airport in 1985....

However, he is terribly credible to my ears and from what we have been finding here...not wild in the slightest. Very, very knowledgeable I think...

Anybody have a different opinion?

Mary: This guy sounds like a Freeper, I don't believe the story.

Swopa: I wouldn't waste any more time thinking about this supposed videotape. I mean, they were together in an airport helping to smuggle drugs? Yes, and next we'll hear that on the fabled tape one of them says, "Hey, we have to save some for Dad. He's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner."

Kali: I don't believe anyone until I check their sources and find corroboration -- and that's what I'll do with Michael Ruppert, but his story "matches" in lots of places with what I've read so far.

From the Bush side of the equation, I figure most of you have read the story below? If not, read the section on Jeb and the section on W. Most of the info in this piece is "out" now, but it put it all together very well. Check the JEB details if you read it.

I'm probably recommending something that you have memorized? Oh well.

"Family Value$"

"The inside story of how three of the Bush boys built private fortunes by trading on their father's name, running with con men, lining their own pockets, and leaving financial ruin in their wake. A Mother Jones investigation. by Stephen Pizzo Sept./Oct.1992"

PS - this is a silly point, but I'd have NO trouble believing Jeb and W went together to pick up their "prize," -- if there was one. A tape? I don't know - why would it lay around for 10 years?

Still wish there was a Santa Claus.

Susan: Mary, I was skeptical, too, but like P said, Ruppert sounded entirely credible - not foaming at the mouth or freeperish in any way. I spent some time reading stuff on his site, and a lot of things make sense, not the least of which is this article from back in January - <> - and the fact that Maxine Waters has grown very silent about the crack-cocaine situation in her district.

When you add the pieces together (Wackenhut, Casolaro, the CIA), there's a strong suggestion that there may be a "there" there.

Grace: About the Ruppert interview by Tom Dooley, in his intro Dooley says Ruppert's mother was a cryptographer at NSA. I don't have first hand knowledge about now, but in the late 1960s and early 1970s, you didn't get a crypto clearance at National Security Agency if you or anyone in your immeditate family were identified as nut cases. There were eccentrics wandering around that side of Ft. Meade but their heads were screwed on fairly straight.

Lee: Do you realize that with Bush's connections to Wackenhut in 50 countries, the CIA, the CNP, Scaiffe, the Federalists, "THEY" if he gets in, are literally ready and in place to take over the world like they have the US courts and Supreme Court?

I guess our Boy Bill ruined some of their plans by going after a member of their club, Milosevic. Think about it...supported by Scowcroft, Eagleburger, and Kissinger. Well, one out of place..just the rest of the world's dictators to go.

[Ed's note: Two of these three are in either the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderbergs.]

Meredith: On the infrequent occasions when I'm given to worry, I worry that Gore knows next to nothing of all this, and that Tony Coelho isn't anywhere near as savvy as Sweet Baby James Carville.

Baby Bush's mentor and Supreme Campaign Advisor, Karl Rove, is a Macchiavelli fan.

So here's what I wonder: apart from what Hilary and Bill have managed to share with Al about how slime moves around, just how savvy is Al Gore about what's going on?

To my way of thinking, it's way too late for Al to pull the naive but well-intentioned act. And I have no personal confidence in Coelho. Certainly not as compared to Carville.

P.G.: M, the one who knows next to nothing of all this G.W.Bush. He has simply not a clue, wouldn't have the patience to even listen or read anything that's not on the sports page.

That's the beauty of to him Reagan is an intellectual.

GWB has been groomed to be the next President of the United States, wound up, and told what to do and where to do it.

Tom, I agree. International: global, as will be all politics in the next century.

John: Does Wackenhut do schools? Vouchers could be another way for them to siphon off more tax money, getting their takeover job done...Look into who owns the private schools the Right wants.

I wonder if the jail McDougal was in was run by Wackenhut? Did Danny or Kangas meet them too?

Tom: Yes, P. It's going to be very interesting to watch how the internet works out over the next decade.

We're just discovering how liberating it can be to have access to the web of information. Imagine how it will be when the rest of the world is online and when there will be webarchives going back fifteen or twenty years.

BT: I've read the Wackenhut discussion and it is proof that there's a lot of info to be had and places like TT are where the jigsaw puzzle is assembled. Policy.Com has a "monster article" on the Internet. <>

P.G.: The great number of threads in Politics and White House now has me confused trying to remember where conversations on particular topics are carried on...

Does anyone have an efficient system for remembering just where discussions are continuing? I have not found a here is the latest AP this AM on Wackenhut Corporation:

Guard Killed During Prison Uprising

SANTA ROSA, N.M. (AP) -- A correctional officer was stabbed to death in a fiery inmate revolt that caused extensive damage to a private prison, authorities said.

The disturbance at the Guadalupe County Correctional Facility erupted Tuesday evening. Law officers regained control early today and imposed an inmate lockdown, said state Secretary of Public Safety Darren White. It was one of a rash of violent incidents recently at privately run prisons in the state.

The prison is owned by Florida-based Wackenhut Corrections Corp. Wackenhut has a $25 million-a-year contract to hold about 1,500 inmates at two facilities in New Mexico. Wackenhut spokesman Pat Cannan said he had no information from the prison this morning.

Gov. Gary Johnson and state Corrections Secretary Rob Perry last week threatened to move New Mexico inmates to prisons in other states following that action.

Tom: Privatized prisons that abuse prisoners, provoke them into uprising, sexually abuse them; privatized school systems that hire convicted murderers, teaching interns, and teach to no standards -- all courtesy of the GOP.

Chris: Regarding the killing at the New Mexico prison: There is a lawsuit in Ohio against Washington D.C. for sending violent prisoners to the privately owned prison in Youngstown. The prison was supposed to be for non-violent offenders, but they are taking what should be maximum security felons and sending them here to warehouse.

The guards have no training. They cannot deal with anything. Another lawsuit against the prison is because they made prisoners take showers while in chains. Six prisoners, so far, have just walked out. Four of them convicted murderers.

I'm going to try to get in touch with my state senator and tell him they had better not send us any New Mexico murderers. But he is a Republican, and my pleas will fall on deaf ears.

Cheri: More Wackenhut:

Updated 6:13 PM ET September 1, 1999 PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Sept. 1 (UPI) The Wackenhut Corporation of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., has been awarded a five-year contract for security services at Commonwealth Edison's six nuclear power generating plants in Illinois. The performance-based contract has a potential value of approximately $95 million over its five-year term.

Under the terms of the contract, Wackenhut will initiate security services at the six locations with a transition process beginning on September 20 for the Braidwood, Byron and LaSalle sites.

Monchie: And still more Wackenhut, from the Delaware County (PA) Daily Times

PHILADELPHIA - Ordinarily, 72 hours is just three days.

But for one man who was sent to Delaware County's prison on contempt of court charges for failing to perform his 72 hours of community service, those three days turned into 30 days behind bars, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court.

In the suit, Robert W. Perkins claims that he lost the job he had been hired to start on Jan. 8, 1999, because officials of the Wackenhut Corp. - which manages the prison - ignored his repeated complaints that he was the victim of a bureaucratic mix-up. And to make matter worse, the suit says, Perkins is a former prison guard and lived in fear for the entire month that his fellow inmates would learn that fact and retaliate against him, according to his lawyer, Paul Drucker.

Grace: Not all of Texas is happy with Wackenhut's lockups. Travis County is kicking them out. There are several articles in the Austin American Statesman archives, this one appears today.

"State and local officials announced two weeks ago that they had requested records for 21 current and former employees and 28 inmates as part of a criminal investigation.

As well as investigating allegations that guards were having sex with inmates and smuggling narcotics, investigators subpoenaed state jail records for the past two years, looking for evidence of assaults, retaliation, contraband, attempts to silence witnesses and the response of jail managers to any problems.

Tom: Thanks, Grace. It looks like states who hire the Bush Family's cronies at Wackenhut to guard the prisons, you had better hire someone else to guard the guards.

That's not cost efficient.

Grace: This article from the 9/1 edition of the Statesman has more details.

"State prison officials, citing an ongoing sex scandal and chronic operations problems, said Tuesday that they will take over operations of the troubled Travis County Community Justice Center in East Austin.

Since it opened in 1997, the 1,033-bed lockup has been run by Wackenhut Corrections Corp. under a contract with Travis County, which in turn had a contract with the state. The facility was initially touted as a statewide model for rehabilitation of nonviolent criminals, but has never fully lived up to that billing because of a chronic shortage of staff."

Kali: Grace, great info. There's a Wackenhut strand on "Public Enemy # 1" right now, too! Challenging and confusing trying to keep up with all of you! Still trying to find my way around the Tables!

J.S.: An interesting article by Mara Leveritt about the truth of what may have happened at

Mena <> :

But many of the pages sent were heavily blacked out. And almost 300 were missing entirely. A cover letter explained that some of these deletions had been made to protect privacy or confidentiality, or for law enforcement reasons.

But this is what I found most interesting. Notes explaining several of the deletions said that they had been made under provisions of the National Security Act of 1947 and the CIA Act of 1949. So it's confusing, you see, these jumbled references to organized crime and national security, to Colombian drug cartels and the CIA -- all within the heavily censored file of a smuggler who found safe haven in Arkansas during the last four years of his life.

The implication is that Seal's drug smuggling trips were sanctioned by the federal government, which would have had the power to overrule any questions by state officials. And, of course, that raises the question as to why the federal government was sanctioning drug smuggling unless it was to feed to Contra network.

All very interesting questions, and all questions we are unlikely to see answered in our lifetimes.

Ted: J, the good thing is that we now have this incredible font of information at our fingertips to challenge the establishment sources. I pray everyday that it lasts.

I just hope the likes of Puritan Mama Donna Rice Hughes, Arch-pseudo prude Bill Bennet, and Hatch and Shrub with their regulate domain names and political sites fervor, don't kill the party.

J.S.: Ted, I'd be quite happy if they killed their party.

What we are going to have to do is archive sources and create redundant reflection sites. Consider what happened to the Kangas site, one of the richest sources of information on the Web. One day he was inexplicably dead and we wondered what would happen to that information. Thank God someone (I still don't know who) had the presence of mind and dedication to get that site back up. We need to learn from that episode that these sources of information are as fragile as the links that make up our communications. This is hard to do. We are not only busy with the rest of our lives, we are not only trying to keep up with new development, we not only have to contend with new (and increasingly onerous) copyright restrictions, but data can get lost or corrupted.

But somehow, we have to make this happen. We must not forget.

Mary: At least we have the Internet, we are not totally dependent on Sam, Cokie, Tim et al. If we want to we can search and get the information we want instead of relying on the spin by Corporate Media.

Kali: So, just when investigative journalism in our country looks lifeless -- voila -- the Internet, and it's transmuted into a hydra!? I had that thought today, after reading all the GREAT information here -- and the dissection and analysis of it! what a great place (I've been on TT less than a week)

The mythological story was about a monster, but THIS hydra is undaunted hope and relentless pursuit of the truth, eh? Cut off one of its many heads and it grows back in triplicate!

the truth can't be silenced forever.

(I hope).

BT: The "problem" with the Internet is that it gets more and more dense each day. A Yahoo search for "Wackenhut" only turned up four sites - all belong to the corporation. The contents of this thread aren't searchable.

Anyhow, I extracted much of the Wackenhut related info over the past few weeks and am going to send some of the references to Leah Quin, the reporter who did the story for the Austin American Statesman. There's also enough to put up a Web page but lord knows when I can get around to it.

The Conversation Continues on Table Talk. You are welcome to join in. <> This particular topic is in the Politics area. It began in the "Is there A Right Wing Conspiracy" Thread and has migrated to the "Wackenhut and the Privatization of Government Services" thread. See you there.


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