Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

To understand what the CIA really is, read the book entitled Inside The Company by Philip Agee, a former CIA operative who describes the real CIA, not just the intelligence gathering capability of the agency. Then read the first edition of True Democracy (La verdad sobre la democracia) to see that President Kennedy wanted to disband this agency. This is one of the two agencies that he wanted to disband.

It is understood that gathering intelligence is not the only duty of the agency. The intelligence which is gathered then needs to be used by the government to its advantage to maintain the status quo. In fact, scholars state unoquivocally that the CIA is a tool of the elite to maintain the status quo not to help the mass of people who inhabit the earth.

Formed in 1947 as the successor to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the CIA operates in every single country on earth. The agency meddles in foreign govenment's affairs for the benefit of the elite. The first election the agency controlled was the Italian election in 1947. Then, the agency overthrew the Mossedegh government in Iran in 1953 replacing it in the easiest coup it would ever undertake. It would later overthrow the government of the Shah as well because he wanted to do three acts that would have altered the status quo. Then, in 1954 the agency overthrew the Arbenz government in Guatemala because of its Communistic leanings.

The Vietnam War was not fought to prevent the Vietnamese people from turning to Communism. The Vietnamese people wanted independence in addition to the country being rich in rubber and oil such that the hegemony of the United States didn't want to forego the cheap resources and allow the country to have independence because if they had, all the other nations in the region would have followed suit so a war was begun with a lie to the American people by LBJ to obtain the favor of the American people to begin in earnest the war from which President Kennedy wanted to withdraw. See NSAM (National Security Action Memorandum) 263 for complete withdrawal which JFK signed and NSAM 273 which LBJ signed two days before JFK's assassination which accelerated the war literally turning it around with that NSAM signing.


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