Joint Chiefs of Staff

If the United States needed to defend itself, then this would be a viable group of people to employ but the United States of America is the aggressor. Here are the facts. In 1899 after the United States successfully defeated Spain in the Spanish American War, U.S. military invaded the Philippines and performed the same atrocities that it would do sixty nine years later in Vietnam in My Lai village.

According to Stanley Karnow's Vietnam: A History The First Complete Account of Vietnam at War ©1983 The Viking Press, "The Philippines, the major possession to remain under American tutelage, were finally subdued after a protracted 'pacification' campaign which foreshadowed U.S. strategy in Vietnam."

Let's examine what pacification means. Webster's Third International Dictionary defines the term as "the act or process of achieving or restoring peace: elimination of disturbance: TRANQUILIZATION SUBDUAL<from the tumult of Hell, through the gradual pacification of Purgatory, to the perfect peace of Paradise-G.G. Coulton> <seven million Arabs and Berbers, whose pacification had been completed only eight years before-C.R. Codman> What does this really mean, however?

In his brilliant book The Perfect War,  Professor James William "Bill" Gibson (Ph.D. Yale University) published the following, "Refugee camps were not exciting in the sense of a new and wonderful life. One American soldier described the camp where former residents of Ben Suc were sent after the town was destroyed by the pacification program:
 I saw that resettlement camp, and it looked to me very similar to a Nazi concentration camp. Double barbed wire fences, machine gun towers. You could not get in or get out. These people were existing only, they were given just enough rice to keep alive, they were given Army blankets that the American Army was getting ready to destroy because they were worn out; they were living in tents that were damaged, almost useless, and there were American Military Police guarding this concentration camp initially, and then the South Veitnamese Army took over. And they started shooting without warning anybody that was within a certain area of the fence." (page 232)

Moreover, other nations must defend from U.S. agression or threat of agression so they purchase defense equipment in case they are attacked leading to a circuitous effect in which nations feel that they must defend themselves against the agression of the United States. The U.S. government continually deceives the American people as to the reality of all these actions such that the American people feel that the U.S. must defend itself.

After the Cold War ended, people thought now we can diminish the funding which goes for defense but it never happens. It is never diminished. It's time to end this folly so that the United States is just defending as it was established in the U.S. Constitution  instead of being the aggressor. It is top secret information that every war since World War II ended has been instigated by the United States of America even the wars in which Americans military didn't participate. They have all been waged because the American people, a peace loving people, have been deceived.

Ed's Note: The sixth edition  of True Democracy  will be devoted to the veterans, all the veterans.


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