Did You Know? Part 1

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AIFLD in Central America: Agents as Organizers. 1986. 76 pages. 2nd edition (1990) available for $5.95 from the Resource Center.

The Resource Center published two booklets on the same general topic, "AIFLD in Central America" and "Workers of the World Undermined." These deal with the international activities of organized American labor, principally the AFL-CIO. Their American Institute for Free Labor Development was linked to the CIA since it began in 1961. Today the AIFLD has been eclipsed by the Free Trade Union Institute, and the covert CIA links have been replaced with overt Congressional funding through the quasi-private cutout known as the National Endowment for Democracy. Both amount to the same thing -- a device for keeping foreign workers "free."

The Inter-Hemispheric Education Resource Center, founded in 1979, is a nonprofit research and policy institute with a full-time staff of five. The Resource Center specializes in Central American development issues and U.S. policy. They also track the many private and quasi-private organizations and religious groups, as well as the interlocking network of conservative personalities behind them, that emerged in the U.S. during the Reagan years. Write them for their publication list.  ISBN 0-911213-11-2


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