Please  make a copy of this page, fold it into thirds, address it to J. Dennis Hastert whose address is here close it with a staple or tape and mail it. You do not need to place your name or address on this mail. If you are in any other country send it as a snail mail, fax, or as an Email.

We want you to do the following or we will not visit your states on vacation unless and until you do:
- Subsidize small U.S. employers, including franchise owners, for minimum wage salaries; Never tap into the Social - Security Trust Fund or Medicare Trust Fund;
- Reduce income tax rates by ten per cent for employees earning less than $100,000 per year; Eliminate the marriage penalty when filing, if needed;
- End Black Budget items; End unpublished secret Executive Orders & National Security Directives; End the practice of indefinitely sustained Presidential Declarations of National Emergency; End Federal Reserve Notes and return to either the Gold Standard or Silver Certificates as JFK wanted to back the dollar; End governmental domestic spying; End NAFTA and GATT; End UFO extraterrestrial exploitation; End the practice of reading Email and fax transmissions worldwide; Remove the undersea cables which monitor telephone conversations and stop terrorizing nations; End assault on aircraft;
- Disband NSA's Central Security Service and CIA's Special Security Office;
- Disband U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command; Disband DOE intelligence;
- Disband U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence;
- Disband U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations;
- Disband the Defense Intelligence Agency and Defense Investigative Service;
- End NASA's Intelligence Department; Transfer the funding to space exploration but with no Star Wars or Space - Defense Initiative (SDI);
- End covert military actions;
- End Hughes Aircraft classified projects compartment and create competition with other airline manufacturers; Mandate defense companies to produce peacetime products in competition with other manufacturers;
- Apply all confiscated monies to the National Debt;
- End Psychotronics and psychic warfare and U.S. Forces Command;
- End the Drug Enforcement Agency; End the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and raise the ceiling on filing a tax return to $40,000 for retired people;
- End all but 10 per cent of weapons manufacturing and eliminate nuclear armaments; End the U.S. Space Command and the Defense Science Board and fund any employees, if necessary, to return to school to learn another occupation; End underground base development; End weapon research;
- End funding the Defense Industry Security Command; End the Air Force Special Security Service;
- End funding for Phillips Air Force Laboratory;
- Follow Christopher Reeve Foundation Guidelines in stem cell research;
- Never reverse the landmark protections for the Tongass or other nat'l forests;
- Ban genetically engineered crops and seeds; No legislation making it a criminal act whether federal or state for employees to disclose classified information. 


TRUE DEMOCRACY     SUMMER 2001     Copyright © 2001 by News Sourse, Inc.