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In many countries, Mother's Day and Father's Day are celebrated on the assumption that these are the only days of the year when mother and father have "their" day so to speak since every other day is special for the children.

However, what happens if the children are abused, tortured, killed by their parents or governments?

This edition of The Journal of History - (La verdad sobre la democracia) is devoted to the children because their lives are not "their" day 363 days a year.

You will be able to change all this because there is no debate at all that children are our most precious resource. Without their laughter and joy, bliss and contentment, we would sink even further into the abyss of tyranny.

As publisher of this magazine, I was quite fortunate. My dysfunctional family was not as horrid as others. John Bradshaw, the noted psychologist, states that "every family is dysfunctional; the question is to what degree." I heartily agree  and appreciate his statement because this is one of the ways in which children are affected. Another way is at the government's hands or occupying government's hands such as the Israeli government's actions toward Palestinian children and babies as you saw in the boycott of Johnson & Johnson corporation that financially supports the genocide that continues affecting both sides as certain individuals desire.

So  take good care of your children and enjoy this edition because it will help you, as parents and other family members, to help your children grow into healthy and productive adults.

Whatever you do, please send the Demand page to the Speaker of the House in the snail mail or nothing will change.


Arlene Johnson


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