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Another Body Bag


By  Crystal Cartier

Sneakin'  round my house looking for something to steal
Said, he came to visit but I know the real deal
Breakin' my heart...Killin' my mother
Scared to trust him...  but I love him
Cause this junkie is my brother
Is that your sister boostin' hot clothes?
Selling her body for cash or dope?
I heard she's HIV... So, she's spreadin' it around
Killin' off her lovers all around the town
Soon, she'll be lyin' on a slab... Check out the toe tag
Just another skeezer dead
Bring another body bag
Pretty little baby
Smart since the day she was born
Found her body in an alley
Her vagina ripped & torn
Little boy lost.... Never see his mom again
Foolishly he followed someone he thought was his friend
Lying on a slab... Check out the toe tag
Another baby dead
Bring another body bag
They used to love each other
Not so long ago
Now, one has shot the other
Why?  No one really knows.
A tisket a tasket... a wood or metal casket
Appointment at the cemetery... Bring a picnic basket
The teacher called my mama... But, my mama can't cope
So, she sent me to the corner... to buy her some dope
The dope man taught me... how to sell a dooby
My mama's hoein'... trying to sell some booty
Her booty is poison
She used to be all that
Now, she's a walkin' corpse
Bring another body bag
Good parents do their best to raise their children right
Then they die old, sad & lonely... no reward in sight
Young folks dyin'... Old folks crying
Poor folks tryin'... Rich folks lyin'
Everybody's got the flu
Cancer's spreadin'  like fire
Created in a test tube
So some rich man could retire
Cops...Epidemics & The System killing folks
Death is all around me... Seems to have me by the throat
Don't know what I'm doing... Gotta keep moving
Working like a dog... But, somehow I keep losin'
Soon, I'll be lyin' on a slab wearin' a toe tag
Just another nigger dead
Bring another body bag

© 7/25/96

Permission given by Ms. Cartier to publish any of her poetry in The Journal of History.


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