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Baby Girl Never Had a Chance


Written by Crystal Cartier

Baby girl never had a chance
No opportunity... No romance
Only five years of precious life
She was born into a life of poverty & vice.
Her parents were crack addicts
Controlled by the demon in their veins
Neglecting their children in squalor
without redemption...without shame
Uncle Jack was a transient Loser
He was once a trusted guest in their home
Then, possessed by a ghastly demon
He molested Baby Girl's body & murdered her
But, God took her soul back Home
Uncle Jack says he doesn't remember
what went on in his troubled head
All he's knows is that when he woke up
Another child was dead.
Oh how she must have suffered
How does it feel to be so betrayed?
By a trusted loved one?
Condemned to an early grave?
Stay close to Holy Places!
Keep the Holy Spirit in your heart!
Because Satan is ever busy
trying to tear your soul apart.
What kind of sickness drives a man
to rape & kill a child?
A life of evil conjuring.
A life grown godless & wild.
Uncle Jack wandered too far onto the dark side
Now, his soul is condemned to hell.
God doesn't take very kindly
to those that do not treat His children well.
A child is the ultimate sacrifice
Only Satan could be so greedy
As to feed his monstrous ego
on one so innocent & needy.
Baby Girl never had a chance
She was born into a ghetto
where death is a regular occurrence
& dope dealers are the heroes.
With her siblings she played
In the streets where she stayed
until the dead of night
Unattended & unsupervised
Too small to resist
Too weak to fight
Stolen away from her family
by Uncle Jack while her siblings cried.
T'was near midnight when she disappeared
In a dumpster her body was found at first light.
Her death is oh so senseless
So cold... & terrifying as well
Poor Uncle Jack is destined to end his life in jail.
His hideous crime will fuel others
that may not be deserved
as we all rethink the death penalty
Giving Society permission & the nerve
to take anther's life
How many will die unjustly?
Because of the demons in Jack's head
Others will get no mercy.
A tragic situation...
Satan must be mighty pleased with himself.
But, he'd best enjoy it now
For he hasn't much time left.
Baby Girl never had a chance
in this cold... unforgiving world
Too much pity & concern shown too late.
There is a lesson here to be learned.
She had a funeral fit for a princess
Money was not spared
Too much... too little ... too late
If, only we had cared
about her situation
while she was alive
Instead of belated toys & six white horses
Maybe, Baby Girl never would have died.

All Rights Reserved
Love Story Productions & Publishing/BMI
© 8/18/95

Permission granted to reprint this poem in The Journal of History -  by author Crystal Cartier.


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