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True Story

A Child Without Her Mother

By Nancy Hedrick
July 2002

Angel is a young, bright eyed, blond haired, blue eyed little girl who spends alot of time with many of her family members.  She sees her cousins talk to their mothers and asks about her mommy.  When she visits her mommy at the Dwight Prison in Illinois she grabs her mom and states, "come home with me."

Angel  still sets a plate at our dinner table at meal time; she is too young to understand what her mother is charged with and what both mother and daughter face when Constance is released from prison.

Constance will have to fight for her parental rights. Despite the fact that she appealed  her charge with Illinois Department of Children and Family Services while an inmate at the Saint Clair County Jail,  700 Nth 5th Street, Belleville, Illinois.

Angel has suffered for over a year now and thinks her mommy is at a school. She talked to her mom for a year through a glass window laughing at times and crying at other times. There were times when she would see a slim woman walking down the street and state,  "turn around Mi Ma; that's my mom."

I gave Angel a VHS tape of her and her mother; she watches it over and over; then she talks about her mom.

The courts have charged her mother in the death of her sister who was a Depo-Provera baby; the detective who found her sister lacked the training on what to do in a emergency situation. Now Angel has suffered in more ways then one.

On February 14, 2002 her mother, Constance Marie Lynn Baugh, went in front of Judge Donavan who sentenced her to 14 years in prison. Angel and our local news team were present.

After the court was cleared, Angel went running up to her mommy to hug her where she was stopped by a Saint Clair County court guard. Constance turned and waived  at her daughter with a slight smile while she was shackled.

Constance put in a request for a contact visit before she was transfered to Dwight but she was declined. Angel will be seeing her mother on her 4th birthday but not being able to celebrate the life that her mother Constance gave her. Instead a four hour visit and a hug.


Constance appealed her case with Illinois Dept of Children and Family Services their reply




May 3, 2001

Constance Baugh
Saint Clair County Jail
Belleville,  IL 62221

RE: SCR-0897023-A

Dear Ms. Baugh

Name - Baugh, Constance

We were previously notified by a Child Protection Investigator that the Department of Children and Family Services ( DCFS) was investigating a report of child abuse or neglect.  After a thorough investigation, DCFS  has determined that you have abused or neglected a child.
The Department has indicated you for DEATH SUBSTANTIAL RISK OF HARM

Copy of Discovery  page 478
DCFS -  618-583-2100
STATE OF ILLINOIS                              10 Collinsville  Avenue
George H. Ryan ,  Govenor   |      East St. Louis , ILLINOIS
Jess Mc Donald , Director |                      62201-3005

April 25 , 2001

Robert Haida
States Attorney , Saint Clair County
10 Public Square
Belleville, IL  62220

RE: Baugh , Constance
SCR# 897023A

Enclosed is a copy of our recently completed investigation involving the death of a newborn infant,  Darla Baugh

As you know the infant died from asphyxiation surrounding her birth at home. The mother Constance Baugh has been charged with murder. I hope this information will be useful.

William Wasko , MSW
Child Protection  Manager

CANTS 17A                              STATE OF ILLINOIS
8/88                             Department of Children and Family
IL 481-0066      child abuse / neglect investigation interview

Case name  Constance Baugh
Interviewees  - Angel Baugh
Relationship --- Alleged Victim
Date February 1, 2001            Time 3:45 PM
Address of interview           31 Wilshire, Fairview Heights IL
Record significant events and case contacts involving this case
Refer to back page for specific instructions on how to complete this form.

Worker saw Angel who was adequately dressed and saw no evidence of any physical abuse or neglect.
CERTIFICATION: I hearby certify that this is an accurate representation of the statements and information obtained from the above interviewees
                                                      Larry Bush

Signature               Date 02/01/01

PAGE 498
Case Name Constance Baugh
Interviewees  -Diane Drovbetta
Date February 5, 2001             Time 8:05 am

Ms. Drovetta checked and informed me that Constance Baugh is still at the hospital and was admitted to the psychiatric unit on Friday evening; she stated that she would inform me upon Ms. Baugh's discharge

                                                 DCFS WORKERS
                                                 Steven Balir          February 5, 2001

Due to the lack of investigation from the birth control injection DEPO-PROVERA, an FDA approved drug  that has been on the market since 1992 this drug has not  only effected Angel Baugh but familes across the US.

Angel Marie Baugh right now is too young to understand the injustice that has been done to her and her mother whom she adores; her mother is up for parole in 2008. That is five years without professional medical help.

Govenor Ryan has done so many cutbacks to prisons and the mentally ill residents that live in ILLINOIS. He is not a good Govenor as all Illinois residents know.

I wrote him about the abuse Constance encountered while an inmate at the Jail and also spoke with Bob Haida, the prosecuting attorney, along  with Donald Snyder who is Administrator over ILLINOIS PRISONS. He stated that they are not responsible for Constance's mental issues. Andrew Leifer made the same statement. No wonder they get repeat offenders with no help for the mentally ill.

I am ashamed of our State Representatives and Governor; they love to get paid for the job title that should have been given to someone who cares.

On behalf of Angel Baugh I have saved all letters and articles written about her mother and letters from IDOC -DCFS- DISCOVERY FILES - and most importantly of all letters from her mommy -along with the patient report that was sent to the FDA. The Report states "NOT IN HER RIGHT MIND LARGE AMOUNT OF BLOOD LOSS."

Editor's note: Constance's True Story was published in the fifth edition of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia) under the title, "Constance."


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