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Terrorism Against Palestinian Children

by Fi aman illah.
March 6, 2002

I woke up this morning, California time, with news from my in-laws in Jerusalem on a terrorist event that has of course, not made any news  headlines. Israeli settlers were able to plant a box of chocolates that was an undercover bomb in an elementary school in East Jerusalem, where my  sister-in-law teaches. A group of Palestinian children opened the box and it went off, killing one and injuring eight, according to the phone call.

A wall accidentally falls on an Israeli soldier and it's top headlines on CNN. Yet an Israeli settler terrorist group that vows to get vengeance for  "its children," which I was told is an actual viable organization, is never  sought after by media or otherwise for this disgusting, merciless, and humanless act. Could it be that Israel's settlers are predominantly American and the  issue would complicate plans for this "war on terrorism"?


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