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By Brian Downing Quig
October 3, 2001

The 16 year old boy Jonathan Doody was questioned by a team of deputies for 18 hours straight before he "confessed."    His 17 year old friend Alex Garcia told the deputies he wanted to speak with an attorney. So the deputies worked on his father who then told his son, "WHAT'S THIS I HEAR THAT YOU ARE NOT COOPERATING?"  Then the deputies proceeded to force a confession out of Garcia.

Then they put Garcia in a cell where he could overhear the interrogation of Doody.  They told Garcia, "See, your friend is spilling his guts. He is going to say you did the shooting.  Are you going to remain quiet and go to the gas chamber alone?  We do not think you did the shooting.  We think he did.  We care about what happens to you." Sure!!

These devices were used to conceal a $10 billion China White heroin crime.  To my knowledge all this constitutes THE MOST HEINOUS DRUG CRIME OF THE CENTURY.


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