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SOS on Ugandan Children

By Dr. Leo Rebello

Join us in the heart of Africa.
Gulu, Northern Uganda.

Where almost half a million people live in displaced persons camps.

Where the "Lord's Resistance Army" (LRA) have abducted over 12,000 children during the past 16 years. Who are treated as slaves, forced to become child soldiers, sexual slaves and labourers.

Where the rebel Lord's Resistance Army murders in their attempt to set up a fundamentalist state based on the Ten Commandments --by breaking the Fifth -"Thou shalt not kill."

Where starving people share the little they have with their neighbours to keep them alive. Those who have enough food for two meals a day give one of those meals to someone who has nothing.

Where right now the crops lie unharvested in the fields and mass starvation threatens a once proud and free people.

Where Aid agencies must often withdraw and people live daily in fear.

Where each year the Governments of Sudan and Uganda, The UN and various other bodies discuss peace but sixteen years into the conflict there is no peace.

Where the plight of the people is ignored by the international media.

Northern Uganda is bordered by Southern Sudan, where oil is the major attraction for the international community. The people of Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda have become pawns in an International oil grab.

Where people from Sudan seek refuge among the refugees because of the war in their country.

At a time when billons of dollars are being spent on arms and the military, people are starving to death. While the developed world decides which country to wage war against next, these people are ignored. Through this petition we plea for aid and support for the Acholi people, a forgotten people.

Uganda: Stolen children, stolen lives - A plea for the Acholi people in Uganda

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