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Pot Cannot Kill, But The
Laws Against It Can - And Do.

Author Unknown
Story shared by Kay Lee, MTWT

In 1996, Peter McWilliams and Todd McCormick were both arrested in California on marijuana charges.  Both are very sick people, both use Cannabis responsibly in their medical treatment and research.  Both men are Californians, people of a state that has agreed to allow patients to use the plant. But they both ended up sentenced in the courts to the unusual punishment of loss of freedom and deprivation of medicine.

Todd is a young man who has had cancer since he was 7 years old. In all that time, he has found nothing else that helps the constant nausea, the lack of appetite and the pain in such a gentle way as marijuana.  But his life and health meant nothing to obedient agents of the Placer County courts when they locked Todd away for five years in a prison without proper medical care. We pray with all our hearts that he lives long enough to be with his mother again, but will not be surprised if he doesn't.

Todd's friend, Peter McWilliams, wrote "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do" and was author of a number of books on grief and motivation.  He was also an AIDS survivor - until he was sentenced to do without without the plant he needed so desperately to live.  Now he's just dead.

Federal Judge King in California ordered Peter not to use marijuana while he was on house arrest.  Because his mother's property was on the line, Peter  obeyed the order, foregoing the marijuana which he normally used to subdue the nausea that his
pharmaceutical drugs caused so he could keep them down. As a result, Peter was found dead shortly after the sentencing, lying in his bathroom, where he had choked on his own vomit and died of asphyxiation.

The third victim in the same case is Renee Boje', a lovely young lady who fled to Canada when authorities tried to implicate and jail her for not testifying against Peter McWilliams and Todd McCormick. She lived in British Colombia for the past five years
without seeing her country or her family. This past year, with the help of many friends, her mother and brother were finally able to go to Canada and hug Renee in person.

Renee has petitioned Canada, pleading that they not extradite her to the U.S., where prisons are cruel, and rape and illness are common.

The same bad laws have now set Steve Kubby up for medical murder.

Steve was the Libertarian candidate for Governor of CA in 1998. He also lives with Adrenal Gland Cancer.  He desperately needs marijuana in his battle for life.  But it's obvious that Steve's life, health, and death mean nothing to the task force that broke
into his home in 1999 and ordered Steve and his wife into court, where he and Michelle have fought a drawn out expensive legal battle ever since for Steve's freedom to treat himself as he must to stay alive.

To save Steve's life, he and his wife (who has since given birth) and a fellow patient, Steve Tuck, moved to Canada recently, where they joined Renee Boje in British Columbia.  They are also seeking asylum there from the cruelty of bad laws.

But their dreams of freedom were smashed at 930 am PST, on April 16th, 2002, when Canadian immigration, along with RCMP officers, immigration, and a plain clothed unidentified individual, which eyewitnesses suggest may have been an American authority, showed up at the Kubby and Tuck residences to take both men into custody. Michele Kubby and Lucy Tuck remain free, but the men are being held in a Sechelt jail pending trial today which will likely decide their deportation.

Kubby does not want to die like Peter McWilliams, leaving his daughters, Brook and Crystal, fatherless, therefore he CANNOT adhere to the terms of probation. Nor does his family look forward to spending the rest of his life battling an unmerciful opposition or watching Steve die in prison. Can you blame them?

None of these people are troublemakers or violent people; all are compassionate and do good things for their families, their neighbors, and their society.  They are likable, productive, and otherwise law-abiding.

It is an ugly sin and a total disgrace to use marijuana, or any God-created medicinally useful plant, to drag good people out of their sick beds and punish them, even unto death, for something that raises their quality of life.  To what depths will a corporate government go to make sure we buy our health from the pharmaceuticals at disgustingly inflated prices?  Is murder low enough?

Bad laws do hurt good people. If you don't know enough about marijuana to help change these laws, please, Please  .... Learn more...

At this time,  Kubby and Tuck's wives are asking that  by phoning In a public email, Michele Kubby pleads for people to help save her husband's life. She asks that supporters please call the officers who arrested Steve Kubby, and tell these people that
Steve is in serious danger.

Immigration agent:
Albert Stritzl      604-666-8769

Arresting officer:
Constable Rick LeBeuf     604-885-2266

Also they ask that you please contact as much press and media as
you can about this.

More details will be posted as they come in at
Report From Michele Kubby

Sechelt, BC.

At 9:30 AM PST, Canadian immigration, along with RCMP officers showed up at the Kubby and Tuck residences to take both men into custody. Michele Kubby and Lucy Tuck remain free.

The Kubby and Tuck immigration attorney has informed us that both men must have a hearing within 48 hours. The hearing likely will take place in Vancouver. Both men could potentially be held overnight.

These raids seem to have started because of the recent media attention on Canadian national TV, local papers, and FOX TV news.

The seriousness of the situation has to do with Steve Kubby. Because Steve Tuck uses approved medications, he was able to take his medications with him.

Steve Kubby is again in a life and death situation while in custody. The officers would not allow him to take any medicine with him, nor would they allow him to medicate before he left. We have potentially only hours to save him.

What worked before was massive intervention. We need your help. Steve's life is on the line.

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Renee Boje (US Med MJ Refugee)

Michele Kubby - Wife of Steve Kubby

Lucy Tuck - Wife of Steve Tuck

Ann McCormick - Todd McCormick's mother

Todd Patrick McCormick
POW #11071-112
P.O. Box 3007
Terminal Island, California 90731

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