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Case Study: We'll Rape You One by One


By Unknown author at "DCI/PS"

Murad Rashad Ahmad Abu Judeh
17 years (March 31, 1984)
Al Aroub Camp

Date of Arrest: December 15, 2000

"At 12:40 AM on 15 December 2000, my family and I were asleep at home.  We heard a very loud knock on the door of the house that woke the whole family. After five minutes my father went to the door and we discovered that Israeli soldiers had broken the glass in the door. Fifteen soldiers entered the house, three of them were masked and wearing civilian clothes. There were also two members of the Israeli Intelligence dressed in civilian clothes. One of the masked soldiers asked me my name and my ID card.

I went to my room in order to bring the ID and one of the soldiers followed me. When I bent over to get the key for my drawer he kicked me on my back six times, pushing me to the ground. After that I got my ID and gave it to the soldier. The soldier saw a ticket I had from a trip to Canada that I made in September for study purposes. The soldier said I went there to learn how to throw stones.

He searched my drawer, then grabbed me by my neck and took me back to the main room where I found the soldier had upturned our furniture. The masked soldier whispered in my ear, "We'll rape you one by one."

"He took me outside, handcuffed me and put a sack on my head. It was raining. A group of soldiers began punching me and they were telling each other to beat me, speaking in Arabic so that I could understand them. Following that two soldiers carried me and threw me inside a jeep. I realized that I fell on someone else in the jeep- another  prisoner - and hurt him. The jeep drove and one of the soldiers began beating us and swearing at us until we reached the Etzion Interrogation Centre."

What Forms of Torture and Maltreatment Did They Use Against You?

"I was beaten and sworn at from the time of the arrest from my home until I reached the Interrogation Centre. Before I entered interrogation, one of the soldiers threatened that he would return back to my house and destroy it if I don't confess. They also pushed me and placed my head in the toilet.  I was handcuffed continually and they used Shabeh [tying the prisoner in a painful position for a long period of time. Ed.] once against me.

"The first day I was not given any food. After that I received three small meals a day of bad quality."

(Murad was sentenced to ten months in Megiddo Prison in addition to one year suspended sentence for the next five years. He also received a 3000 NIS (approximately US$690) fine. He was charged with throwing stones several times.)

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