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By Stew Webb

On›June 22nd and December 21st each year, Satanists perform Human Sacrifices as part of their Satanic rituals.› These are known as the "Summner and Winter Solstices." During these rituals a Human Infant is killed and sacrificed to Satan (Baphemet-the Goat Headed Demon), and the Satanists drink the blood of the Human Infant they sacrifice, and Baphemet appears before them and goes out to kill the enemies of those satanists who perform this Human Sacrifice.

I am a Nationally known Federal Whistleblower: I currently have a Federal Grand Jury Demand filed in Las Vegas, Nevada US District Court Sept 2001.› Case Number CV-S-01-0714-PMP-PAL soon to be appealed. This case filing states I can prove The Bush Crime Family Stole 1 trillion Dollars from America.

Most of my exposure of corruption has centered around the BUSH CRIME FAMILY and "THE DENVER CONNECTION. " Involving Leonard Yale Millman, Phil Winn, Larry Mizel, Norman Phillip Brownstein, James M. Lyons, Neil Bush, Terry Constedine, Fredrico Pena, Wellington Webb, and other Criminals involving the scandals below which has included the following:
1. 1989 HUD Housing and Urban Development Scandal
2. The Savings and Loan Scandals (Silverado and Lincoln Savings)
3. The Denver International Airport Scandal and its secret underground base.
4. The MDC Holdings-Denver 200---Keating 5 Scandal
5. Iraq Gate/BNL Bank/ Gulf War Syndrome Scandal
6. The Oklahoma Bombing (CIA Involvement)
7. Iran-Contra Drug Money Laundering Mena Arkansas to Denver Colorado. (M & L Business Machines Co)
8. Whitewater Development (Involving James Lyons, Bill and Hillary Clinton)
9. Blackmail of Congressman and Senators (The Boulder Properties Scandal, Media By Pass Magazine December 1999 and May 2000 aka "Bush Crime Family parts 1 & 2)
(All the above "The Denver Connection" to The Bush Crime Family, Leonard Yale Millman-King-Pin).
10. The Tiffany Lamp Meetings--Human Sacrifice in Sedalia Colorado at the Kimball Castle (Summer and Winter Solstice) June 22nd and December 21st, Involving the following known persons:
George Herbert Walker Bush (Former CIA Director, Former Pres. USA)
George W. Bush (President of USA)
Jeb Bush (Governor Florida)
Leonard Yale Millman (Bush Crime Family "The Denver Connection"--Kingpin-Money Launderer)
George Shultz (Former Secretary of State USA)
Henry Kissinger aka Hennie Kissinger (Former Secretary of State and NSA USA)
Lawrence Rockefeller (Banker New York)
Carl Lindar (Bush Crime Family "The Ohio Connection"--Kingpin-Money Launderer)
David Rockefeller (Banker NY)
And many other Knight's Templars who worship Baphemet and are Part of the "Tiffany Lamp Meetings Group"
This group is known as the USA "Shadow Government within the Government." Leaders who dictate USA World Policy, that are known Satanists. During these meetings a Human Infant is abducted from usually a hospital in the surrounding area. And sacrificed to Satan (Baphomet) as part of these sick psycho's rituals.

A report of these events was given to the FBI-Denver Field Office on November 20th, 2001, stating the above and that a murder of a child (infant) would take place, and that this Satanic murder, would involve the above named persons.


Please take videos to this location, The Kimball Castle in Sedalia, Colorado, (Sedalia is south of Denver at the Castle rock exit and west to Wadsworth then north 1/2 mile on the east side).
Further after these Satanists do their murder, you will normally find them at the "Cherry Creek Country " playing Golf.
They further are known to stay at the Brown Palace Hotel Downtown Denver.
They further are known to Party at Leonard Yale Millmans home and office at› 2400 Cherry Creek Dr. North (University and Cherry Creek Drive).

This is one of the Indictments for murders, (Human Sacrifices) I intend on bringing before a US Federal Grand Jury.

If you may have any questions, please do not hesitate in calling me.

Thank You
Stew Webb
Federal Whistleblower
(702)› 362-9567
P.O. Box 31052
Las Vegas, NV 89173
Donations welcome to further expose these criminals.

Foot note:
One of these Satanists, Leonard Yale Millman, appears in what is known as the Bible Code;
the software can be found on
It states as follows:
Leo Millman:› Inversion, reverse, Solstice, Contrast, Verso,


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