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Surface Weather Observations

MVY had an Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS), which was edited and augmented by ATC tower personnel if
necessary. The tower manager at MVY was on duty on the night of the accident for an 8-hour shift, which ended when the
tower closed, about 2200. During an interview, the tower manager stated that no actions were taken to augment or edit the
ASOS during his shift. He also stated the following:

"The visibility, present weather, and sky condition at the approximate time of the accident was probably a little better than what
was being reported. I say this because I remember aircraft on visual approaches saying they had the airport in sight between 10
and 12 miles out. I do recall being able to see those aircraft and I do remember seeing the stars out that night...To the best of
my knowledge, the ASOS was working as advertised that day with no reported problems or systems log errors."

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