Letters to the Editor

*Flattery will get you everywhere. Thank you for the encouragement, seriously. Just looked at your very good website.
CeCarl, Arizona

*Dear Arlene,
I agree with you that the hits cannot come down from almost 23,700 to 10.
That means someone is indeed playing fools. This is NOT proper.

By the way Arlene, I am a physician and my qualifications are : M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., Fellow of the European Medical Association. I also have several Honorary degrees like D.Litt for writing 25 books, poems, editorial letters etc.
I specialise in AIDS, but have been working for Peace, Human Rights, Safety, for last about three decades. I am 51 and have travelled in as many countries lecturing at WHO, UNESCO, UNDP, UNEP conferences.

I am a Shadow Prime Minister of India - it is a people's experiment to keep a tab on the Government in power and now, as you know, I am thinking of contesting Presidential elections in India.

Keep up the good work, regardless of opposition. In fact, opposition means that you are being effective; you are being noticed. And they are wary of you.

Shanti, Salam, Sincerely,

I've studied your books and I really appreciate your work. Keep up Resistance to make the truth clearly shown to all humanity in order to state the real peace.
May Allah Bless You.

Cairo, Egypt

* I became infuriated as I started to read the articles An imaginary holocaust may lead to a real holocaust by Robert Faurisson and The holocaust is a typical Zionist myth by Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi. What lies!! What propaganda these authors are attempting to spread!!! Any one with a grain of sense knows the holocaust did happen!! As a child, I personally met some Jews who were in concentration camps, who escaped the gas chambers. Only a moron would believe these people branded themselves!! There are films and pictures of these people. They can not be denied!

I believe freedom of speech is abused when it is used to spread such blatant lies and Nazi propaganda.

What is your purpose to spread such Bull ---- ?

The world is on the verge of being destroyed because of the evil and lies. We should all be concerned with trying to bring PEACE, instead of spreading such ludicrous propaganda.

Thank God, only the weak and feeble minded will read and believe this trash written by these two Buffoons!!

Dot Brown
Angels of Mercy

*Dear Arlene,
Generations of Americans would honor you for the amazing work you are doing to promote true democracy. Reading your work only strenghtens my project that we must meet. Keep up the candle.

History repeats itself on the ruins of ignorance. True Democracy is a path finder.


*Dear Arlene:

Without an iota of doubt your perception on the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed peoples worldwide and the sense of fearlessness with precaution is exemplary.

I have been in search of an activist like you especially who understands this world. In your profile someone sent a comment to you saying, ...they know what to do...but they don't want to do it... Also you believe that education is the gateway to development and prosperity. This is the truth of this discourse and garners a high score for you. You merit all these.

God Bless.

Very Sincerely,


* Thank you for the vital information. You are an excellent human rights activst and watch dog for the disvantaged people of the world.

My warmest regards,
t. berry
New York City

* Keep going and stay strong.

Washington state

*My Comradely beloved Sistah!

Maze nethole! Iyabulella ilali! (Nguni languages) Re itumetese kamantswe agagoo! Likamoso!(Sotho languages!) ( In Ngnui we say Thank you very much, you did a great job and the Nationa/Village is greatful! In Sotho we are saying that "Those were beautiful words, they make us happy! Do the same tommorrow!"

As an indigenous native of Azania, politically correctly called, South Africa, I was elated by your eloquent tribute you paid to the MARTYRS of the 509 Pan-Africanist Resistance to the GLOBAL WAR that began in 1492 against African, Asian, Arab and First Nations Peoples; 100 years of Black Power Rebellion and 50 years of Black Consciousness Revolution that is still going on! For African people it has three phases: 1. Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade; 2. Colonization of of our Motherland and her Political Arbitrary Partition; 3. Neocolonial phase.

My cultural brother, ideological comrade and political organizer, Bantu Biko, uMtshana was maCeteni! (Nephew of the Cete clan), who was FOUND transformed on September 12, 1977, "was the quintessential, vibrant, dynamic, visionary, humanist and ideological organizer and political strategies that had elements of King Sekhukune of baPedi, Warrior Queen Mantatis of baTlokwa, King Moshoeshoe of baSotho, Princess Thuthula of amaXhosa, Warrior-General Prince Shaka ka Senzangakhona etc in the third part of the 20th century, the closing days of the 2nd millenium'!"

This is a statement I made together with Mpotseng Kgokong then Publicity and Information Secretary, the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania (BCMA) September 1983, during an interview by brother Ousman of the Pan-African News Agency (PANA), at their Radio Botswana office, Gaborone, Botswana. I was then in political exile as I am still now!

Biko was a product of OUR GENERATION, given time and place and ideological and political his name was manifested as I call him now 'umBiko wa Bantu' or 'Pego yaBatho' in Christian he fulfilled his mission like Saint Stephen, his was larger life and European-Settler-colonial nazis and non-white neocolonialist fascists political murdered 45 Blacks before him, include friend, brother, mentor and comrade-in-arms, Mapetla "Ntshamme" Mohapi, Ongkopotse "OA" Tiro, Mthuli ka Shezi, King Albert Luthuli etc!

The death of Bantu Biko is at the hands of those who have been in charge and designing Globalization and Privitization and those non-white and white fascists and Nazis in Azania were just instruments of the oppressors and exploiters as Bantu Biko was the instrument of revolitionary culture and spirit that is the best that comes of out of the "African humanist thought and experience" every time Blacks have said "We are tired of being sick and tired! Enough is Enough!

Biko was, culturaly and, now, is spiritual, Field Marshall, The First Among Equals! The main organizar of CONSENSUS BUILDING through a) political coalitions, b) ideological alliances and c) the molder of consistent philosophical partisanship and revolutionary humanist polemics as an epistemologist in the "Black Consciousness and the Quest for a True Humanity."

I met him in late summer/early autumn of Southern Africa and I was a twenty one year old Chairperson of the local Branch of the Black Peoples Convention and he was with the National Headquarters of the Black Community Program on a nationawide GOSPEL MISSION OF "Cultural Conscientization for Mental Liberation." This was at 2460 Zone 10, Zwelitsha, Kingwilliamstown, my mother and my father's house where we had executive meetings, etc. if not at down the street, the house of Mapetla Mohapi's mother and father.

We are organizing an Eastern Cape Youth Leadership Seminar to be held at Waverly Hills, Port Elizabeth on the road to Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape. This was Thursday and the workshops were begining with a reception on Friday night!

Saturday I saw and experienced the best in African culture of revolutionary pedagogy in Bantu Biko and his peers, Bokwe Mafuna, Dumo Baqwa, Mapetla Mohapi and later in May 1973, same year of founding the National Youth Union, at Mount Coke Hotel of Ntate Simon Mtahews, of Kingwilliamstown, in Okgopotse Tiro, who founded the Southern African (Universities) Student Movement (SASM)!

What I am trying to say is you cannot talk about Bantu, without Huey P. Newton, Walter Rodney, Thomas Sankara, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur and THE FIELD MARSHAL GEORGE 'SOLEDAD" JACKSON! and Kwame Ture!

We are the chlidren of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Mkhangeli (Visionary-Martin) Lungisa (Justice- Luther) Kumkani (King) omncinci (jr) Lilliana Ngoyi, Omowale Shabazz (Malcolm X), Mangaliso Sobukhwe etc and Grandchildren of Clemnet Kadalie, Ida B. Wells, Marcus Garvey, King Albert Luthuli and Paul Robeson and Kwame Nkrumah among others!

The culture and history of African resistance, rebellion and revolutions has PRODUCED LARGER THAN LIFE PERSONALITIES who reflect the BEST IN THE HUMAN RACE IN GENERAL and THE BEST OF THE BEST AMONG AFRICAN PEOPLE!


Keep up the good work as there are many litte Bantu Biko's I have met in the Girls and Boys I talked, lectured and shared cultural and spiritual bread in these UNITED SNAKKKES OF AMERIKKA!

Nangomso Lekamosos! Tomorrow is another day!


Amandla ngaWethu

Mongezi Sefika wa Nkomo

Deputy Chair/CEO

Azania Heritge International

Kaufman Program Center
Hill House Association
1835 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA
412-392-4475 (o) 412-464-0321
Fax: 412-392-6898

*God bless you, dear! I will keep in touch with you. Extremely busy now, returning to full time Christian outreach to the homeless, street people. Children at risk, etc., in the small time of freedom we have left in America.

God bless,

Pam Schuffert
North Carolina

I just visited your web site and it is so interesting that I posted a link to it on my yahoo newsgroup ( which I think
the url is:

This is a small newsgroup of people interested in Cuba-related events and things, although I occassionally post items outside that specific genre.

I liked especially the article by Carol A. Valentine ("Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots"). Your bio is impressive and I am flattered that a woman of your intelligence could hold me in such high regard.

As for Gov. Bush being prosecuted, well, I suppose boycotting places and things are helpul. But most capitalists have their smart money sufficiently diversified such they can reduce the negative effects of boycotts which target a particular company which is exploiting nature, human beings, ect.

I've read the experts in socially-responsible investing, who were giving high marks to Enron right before it went bankrupt! Sometimes you can't trust the experts.

Boycotting capitalism is a good idea theoretically, but I suppose we would also have to boycott and abolish the concept of private property at the same time, as the two ideologies are essentially inter-related.
Eliminate the sanctity of private property and you will deal a death blow to the worst features of capitalism. Those are the kinds of ideological stuggles which have to be waged in the hearts and minds of the people.

Well, that's enough ranting for me today. Please keep your web pages going on, because there's a lot of good stuff over there!


Nathan Gant

*Dear Arlene Johnson,
Thank you very much for your e-mail of January 21st. I apologise for not having responded earlier but I have been travelling constantly. We very much appreciate the points you raise. You will see from TRANSCEND's own work and publications (such as the forthcoming second edition of "Searching for Peace," Pluto Press, May 2002) that we are also very critical and pay meticulous attention to the action and policies enforced by political, military and economic elites. We are very clearly aware of the motives and actions guiding these politices, particularly those of the United States, including JCS 570/2 and the Kennan-Schelling Doctrine.

The Peace Journalism Training Programme is meant to help make journalists more aware of these issues with some of the leading journalists and critical peace researchers in the world. It also helps us to develop a network of journalists world-wide interested in putting forward more honest, critical and constructive perspectives on conflicts and other important issues.

With many thanks for your message,
In solidarity,
Kai Frithjof

Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen
Co-Director, TRANSCEND
Director, PATRIR
206 James St.
Ottawa, ON
Tel. & Fax: (1-613) 234-7511
Cell: (1-613) 262-6111


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