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Continuing boycotts -- 1

To find multinational corporations in order to contact them, go to and enter the corporate name. Advise them you will not buy their products until they stop supporting the Zionist government, the government that is carrying out the agenda of the Illuminati.

Iman was her name; 4 months old in May 2001.

Several weeks ago I received this with Arabic captions on the pictures. It was just as horrifying then. No words were needed. The picture speaks for itself.

Salaam. Shalom.

  1. First they arrest Moh'd Saleh, a Plastinian aged 23.  So far nothing is wrong with the picture!!

  2. Then they pin Moh'd on the floor suspecting he had bombs attached to him.  Still nothing out of the ordinary?

  3. They have him on the floor still, and they try to question a second Plastinian on the scene.  They seem to have definitely overpowered him and have full control over the situation.

  4. That's not enough?  OK!!
    Now they have to strip him to make sure he doesn't really have any bombs on him.  AS we can see he is almost naked on the floor, (at least they had the decency to keep his underwear on), he is obviously overpowered and unarmed, there is no sign of a bomb or any resistant.  So what would a democratic country such as Israel, a county which claims to respect human dignity and life do??? Take him to prison??

  5. The picture speaks for itself!?!

The least you can do while sitting in the comfort of your home is forward this file to as many people as possible especially westerners so they can have a glimpse of what Palestinians endure!!

P.O. Box 14954, Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-0954

Reverend James W. Jones, Chair
Reverend Stephen Scott, Vice-Chair

Press Release

Suit threatened against the Coalition for a Just Cincinnati:
Earlier today, the Cincinnati Arts Association delivered a letter to the Coalition for a Just
Cincinnati, threatening to sue the organization and the individuals who have led a boycott of Cincinnati. This letter is attached to this press release on the following pages.

The Coalition for a Just Cincinnati began an "Artists of Conscience" campaign in January 2002, asking entertainers, musicians and other performers not to come to Cincinnati to perform. See: .
Boycott Shell Oil.

Do what the Republicans do in Congress since they have run the Congress  since 1995, namely they cut off money and hurt people in many areas and  make people do what they want in order to get welfare money, or any kind of  money.

We can do that in the private sector and legally strong arm the Republicans. I'm telling people to focus the boycott of Republican contributors on the  Shell Oil company.
Do not buy any Shell Gasoline, or oil products and do not have your car  repaired at a Shell Station.

Demand a liberal agenda of the Shell Oil Corporation and the Republican led  House and the Democratic led Senate.

Your money talks louder than standing on the streets and shouting unfair.  Just close your wallet from your living room to the Shell Oil Corporation.

Click on this link to compose email to Shell with a carbon copy to me.

Tell them you won't buy from them again and you will tell others not to buy  from them again until they relay and lobby for your liberal agenda in Congress until your liberal agenda gets signed into law.

If they deny they give money to the Republican Party tell them about their  contribution records of their PACS on and besides even if
they did not give money to the Republican Party which they have, why should
companies sit by and let the Republicans do damage to our country.
Some suggestions for your agenda.

I Demand that your company and your PACs stop giving money to
the Republican Party.

I Demand Universal Healthcare as a minimum for every US Citizen.

I Demand a higher minimum wage of $10  an hour.

Editor's note: See 1st edition of True Democracy for the same precise demand-worldwide!

I Demand a drug prescription benefit at no extra cost in Medicare.

I Demand that my local HMO rescind their latest outrageous premium increase.

I Demand a patients bill of rights including the right to sue an HMO.

I Demand a universal voting system providing equal protection under the law for the United States.

I Demand Federal legislation prohibiting states from using private companies processing voter rolls tied to a political party and police roadblocks from getting used as a voter suppression tool on election day.

I Demand that the illegitimate pResident George W Bush and his vice pResident Dick Cheney resign from office for the fraudulent actions taken by them and their campaign in order to win the 2000 presidential election.

I Demand a strong Federal Hate Crimes Law.

I Demand the repeal of the 1996 Welfare Law and to pass a Federal Welfare Law that treats those indigent with dignity and respect.

I have other demands that I will communicate to you in the future.

I will no longer do business with you until these demands get met by the US Congress and signed by the President.

Thank you

Dennis Baer

Are you sick of corporate globalization and all the environmental
destruction, poverty and injustice it is creating? Sick of undemocratic Free
Trade agreements like NAFTA, WTO and FTAA being rammed down your throat? Are
you ready to stand up to the system of global destruction that put the
interests of corporate elites ahead of local communities, workers, farmers,
the environment and democratic decision-making? Well, then it sounds like you
are ready to go for the jugular of the corporate global economy - and take
on the world's most destructive bank - CITIGROUP.  Send Citi and the rest of
those corporate cronies a message they won't forget - tell them our planet
is not for sale!

People all around the world have been uniting to confront Citigroup, the
world’s largest financial institution.  Made up of Citibank, Wall Street
investment giant Salomon Smith Barney, CitiFinancial and Traveler's
Insurance, Citigroup is a trillion dollar mega- corporation and a true
cornerstone of the corporate global economy.   The campaign against
Citigroup is about raising the stakes in the battle for the planet.   It is
an effort to not only to confront global warming, protect forests and
support indigenous rights but also to unite a critical mass of social change
movements at an Achilles heel in the corporate power structure and address
some of the fundamental flaws in the global financial system itself.

This system, based on what  Ed Abbey called "the ideology of the cancer
cell," is pathological in its very nature.  It is a system defined by
colonial genocide, corporate power grabs, blind consumerism and economic
growth at-all-costs  that has put the interests of a small group of
corporate elites ahead of the well-being of all other life on the planet.

The corporate global economy is quite literally a doomsday machine that is
eliminating biological and cultural diversity so rapidly that it is
undermining the basic life support systems of the planet. Like the cancer
cell, left to its own devices, corporate capitalism will eventually kill its
host.  Unless, we stop it!   But to stop this assault on the natural world,
it is essential we unmask the real power brokers of the global economy and
learn to leverage our power against giant financial corporations like

In the words of author and  political scientist William Greider "The
financial realm constitutes the commanding citadel of the global system ."
It is this corporate financial industry (known to us laypeople as Wall
Street) made up of mega-banks like Citi that are the central architects of
the global economy.  The system of global destruction - resource extraction,
destructive development, structural adjustment and even the operating
budgets of the world’s biggest multinational corporations - relies on the
"generation" or flow of new capital.   As the largest financial institutions
in the world Citi is one of the key corporations controlling the flow of
money around the world.   With operations in over 100 countries Citigroup is
literally writing the rules of the global economy.

Citigroup boasts of being the preeminent bank for the forest products and
energy sectors. Translation: Citi is the number one funder of global warming
and forest destruction.     From underwriting Maxxam Corporation's
liquidation of the California Redwoods, to genetically engineering trees for
Chilean pulp mills to converting primary rainforest to palm plantations in
Indonesia Citigroup knows how to make a buck from killing a forest.  As the
number one funder of oil pipelines, Citi spearheaded the massive
Chad-Cameroon pipeline in the Central Africa and backed a pipeline through
Venezuela's Orinoco delta severely threatening pristine habitat and local
indigenous communities. Citi is funding the proposed OCP pipeline in Ecuador
which has sparked massive resistance across the country because it cuts
through 11 different protected rainforest reserves which local communities
depend upon for their survival.  Citi is the financial advisor to Peru's
notorious Camisea project which will bring devastating oil and gas drilling
to the remote homelands of the Nahua and Kugapakori peoples.  These are
communities living in "voluntary isolation" in one of the most biologically
diverse ecosystems left on the planet but to Citi its just another very
profitable deal.   And these are just a few examples of Citi's destructive

Close your eyes and point to a place on the globe - Citi is sure to be
there, and their impact is rarely restricted to environmental degradation.
Citi's policies also perpetuate economic injustice, racism, institutional
sexual harassment (over 2000 women have signed on to a class action lawsuit
charging Citi with covering up systematic sexual assault in the workplace)
undermine worker's rights and subvert democratic decision making around the
world.  Whether its racist lending practices, prison construction, predatory
lending in disadvantaged communities, bankrolling strikes, strangling the
global South with crippling debt payments, or buying off politicians,
Citigroup has found a way to make a tidy profit.

However unfortunately for Citi people around the world aren’t going to
tolerate their destructive practices much longer.  Over the last year
thousands of activists have begun to challenge Citigroup's global
stranglehold with demonstrations, educational events and creative actions.
People are waking up and telling Citi "Not with my Money!" by cutting up
their Citi credit cards and signing pledges to never do business with "The
World's most Destructive Bank."

CITI is uniquely vulnerable to grassroots pressure because of their massive
consumer presence and efforts to promote the Citi brand name. They are
terrified that the word will get out about their destructive practices.  So
help organize against Citi by bringing THE PLANET IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR to
your town.  It’s a great way to organize people to cut up their Citi credit
cards, switch their student loans, cancel their accounts and confront Citi
at their local branches!

Join with movements around the world in demanding a just, democratic and
ecologically sane global economy.  which.  Together we hold the power to
demand that Citi go BEYOND THE BOTTOMLINE  and stop investing in the
destruction of the environment and communities around the world.   So watch
out Citi, here we come!


Rainforest Action Network works to protect the Earth's rainforests and
support the rights of their inhabitants through grassroots education,
organizing, and non-violent direct action.

RAN is an equal-opportunity employer. RAN does not discriminate based on
race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status,
sexual orientation, or citizenship status.

The STARC Alliance
Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations
Boycott Pictsweet Mushrooms~
Mushroom workers at Pictsweet Mushrooms in Ventura, California, have been trying for years to win fair pay, benefits and, most of all, safe working conditions. Conditions at Pictsweet in Ventura are cruel and dangerous. Mushroom workers labor in dark and damp rooms. Floors are slippery. Only the lights on their helmets guide the mushroom workers. Workers have complained that over time the lack of proper lighting has caused their vision to deteriorate.

Because of these conditions, workers are asking customers to stop buying Pictsweet mushrooms. Pictsweet has lost many major customers including Vons, Safeway and Ralphs supermarkets which are honoring the workers' requests.

You can help. Pizza Hut is one of Pictsweet's largest customers and has refused to do the right thing by keeping Pictsweet mushrooms off its pizzas until Pictsweet signs a union contract and workers win safe and healthy jobs and better pay.

Click on the link below now to send Pizza Hut a fax. Tell Pizza Hut to stop buying Pictsweet mushrooms.

After you send your fax, tell your friends, family and co-workers about this struggle for justice for Pictsweet mushroom workers.
**************************************************************************** Boycott of American products -- including McDonald's -- in Morocco.

The advertisement names a large number of United States brands, from Marlboro to McDonald's, that Moroccans are being called upon to boycott as a sign of rejection of U.S. backing of Israel in the conflict against the Palestinians.

"We, as civil society, have the duty to mobilize citizens for a cause that is ... central to us," says Hassan Serrat, a reporter from the Renewal daily newspaper.

Officials from McDonald's Morocco -- which has 16 restaurants in the country -- say the campaign will probably result in a huge loss in profits for the food chain.

Analysts say the Moroccan government is not at ease with the anti-U.S. campaign, although it does not directly intervene to put a halt to it.

The campaign seems to have a positive echo with ordinary consumers. "There are many options for U.S. products. I personally check the products before buying," said one consumer at a supermarket in downtown Rabat.

"The ultimate goal of the boycott campaign is to make U.S. companies put pressure on their government to change its policy in the Middle East," said a member of the boycott coordination committee.

The campaign echoes a mounting clamor in other Arab nations for the
of U.S. commodities.-- Distributed by HYPE, ,

List of Products from Settlements in the Occupied Territories to Boycott

Please print this list and distribute it to your friends and relatives. Hang it on billboards next to your homes, in supermarkets and in your place of work.

More importantly, browse the list when you are buying a product or looking for a service.

A penny to the settlements is a penny against peace


Agricultural products (Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers), constitute a major part settlement production. They are usually mixed with products made in Israel, so currently, locating the exact origin of such products is nearly impossible.

We want the Israeli authorities to make this distinction possible by stating clearly whether a certain product is imported from in Israel or from a settlement.

You can help a lot by writing to your store management, demanding this marking and by constantly asking the storekeeper for the exact origin of such products.

A & M Greenberg Food agency Atarot industrial zone
Abadi "Mizrahiot" Salted bagel cookies Atarot industrial zone
Adanim Tea Herbal tea Ofra
Ahva Halva and candy Barkan industrial zone
Bar Haim Food products Edomim I.Z.
Barkan Cellars Wine makers Barkan IZ
Barkan Sweets Candy and Sweets Barkan IZ
BarKat Food products Barkan industrial zone
Beigel & Beigel Pretzel bakery Barkan industrial zone
Better and Different Edomim I.Z.
Cohen Brothers Butchers Atarot industrial zone
Cool Mineral Water(made in France) Imported by SunleaderBarkan industrial zone
Eden Springs Ltd. Mineral water Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Elyon Spices Alphey Menashe
Gilad spices Spices Elon Moreh
Glatt Of Chicken Slaughterhouse Atarot industrial zone
Golan Cheese Various cheeses Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Golan Dairies Milk Products Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Golan Wines Wine makers Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Gold Pie Pie factory Edomim industrial zone
Hacormim Wines Winery Edomim IZ
Hamizrah Wines Winery Edomim IZ
Hebron Wines Winery Qiryat Arba IZ
Jerusalem Granola Granola bars Atarot industrial zone
Klufim Processing of Potatos Edomim I.Z.
Luiza Herbal Tea Alon Moreh
Malosh Borekas Kobi Frozen foods Edomim I.Z.
Migdanot Cookies and bisquits Edomim I.Z.
Negev Yam Chemicals Cleaning products Gush Katif
Of Habira Chicken Edomim I.Z.
Openheimer Chocolate and sweets Atarot industrial zone
Ramat Hagolan Dairy Dairy products Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Shamir Salads Ready made salads Barkan I.Z.
Shomron Meat Meat products Karney Shomron
Soda Club Home soda water devices Edomim I.Z.
Sofrei Ltd. Food production and marketing Edomim I.Z.
Super Class Salads produced for"Hyper-Col" Barkan I.Z
Tekoa Mushrooms Mushrooms Tekoa
Tel Arza Wines Winery Edomim I.Z.
Tohikon Arts & Crafts Mačale Ephraim
Yerek Adom Food products Edomim I.Z.
Zion Wines Winery Edomim IZ

Amgazit Gas equipment Gush Etzion
Arieh Plast Nylon bags Mačale Ephraim IZ
Barkan Metal & Wood furniture Barkan I.Z
Beitili Frniture & carpets Barkan I.Z
Benitex Camping equipment Edomim I.Z.
Daniel Furniture Edomim I.Z.
"Ahava" Dead Sea health products Cosmetics Mitzpe Shalem
Edomim Chemicals Household cleaning products Edomim I.Z.
Flanero Kitchen utensils Gush Etzion
Flick Plastic bags and file folders Mevoh Hama
Hlavin Industies Cosmetics Barkan I.Z.
Hod Tiles Kiryat Arba I.Z.
Hogla Jerusalem Paper stuff Atarot I.Z.
I.S. Illumination Edomim I.Z.
IAT Carpets Edomim I.Z.
InterCosma Cosmetics Atarot I.Z.
Jerusalem Knitworks Uniforms plant Edomim I.Z.
Jerusalem Pencils Pencils Atarot I.Z.
Lipski Plastics Barkan I.Z.
Lital Furniture Edomim I.Z.
Mavrik Shoe polish Edomim I.Z.
Modan Satchels, handbags Shaked
MTV shampoo (Hlavin) Hair shampoo Barkan I.Z
Mul-t-lock Locksmiths and security doors Barkan I.Z.
Ofertex Cleaning rags Barkan I.Z.
Paint li Importers of paintAnd art tools Nili
Pereg Air Conditioning Atarot I.Z.
RabinTex Ltd Textiles and camping equip. Edomim I.Z.
Schem Laboratories Cleaning chemicals Kdumim
Sol Camping Camping equipment Barkan I.Z.
Streicher Uniforms Edomim I.Z.
Super Isra-chom Solar systems Edomim I.Z.
Yardeni Locksmiths Barkan I.Z.
Yerushalmi Industries Ropes Barkan I.Z.
Zivanit Shoes & Sandals Ein Zivan

AGS Toys and Games Beit Horon
Alum-Tal Glass products Edomim I.Z.
Avgol Un woven fabric Barkan I.Z
Aviv Builders Atarot
Aviah Safety equipment Mačale Ephraim I.Z.
Benda Plast Food packing Katzrin I.Z.
Ben-Or Vacuum packing Barkan I.Z.
Ben-Tal Motors Electric motors Merom Golan
Bloko Ltd Printing Dyes Edomim I.Z.
łBuilders of the Fathers TownČ Building blocks Kiryat Arba
Carmigal Ceramics Alphei Menashe I.Z.
Dar-El Printed circuits Ariel
Dotan Leather goods Mevoh Dotan
Edomim Wood mills Edomim I.Z.
Eshkol Publishers Edomim I.Z.
Export books factory Atarot I.Z.
FiberTech Fiberglass pipes Karnei Shomron
Gachelet Aluminum factory Atarot I.Z.
Gelman Science and Technology Atarot I.Z.
Golan Industries Meetal works Bnei Yehuda
Granit 2000 Marble and granite Edomim I.Z.
Green Oil Machine oil Ariel
H. Wegshel Publishers Edomim I.Z.
Haalonim (Oaks) Building blocks Edomim I.Z.
Hagim Electronic Systems Neveh Dekalim
Har-Shefi Packing Beit-El
Hasholsha products, Jerusalem Atarot I.Z.
Herto Textile Industries Edomim I.Z
Irit Silk Screen printing Edomim I.Z.
Isra-Beton Cement industries Atarot I.Z.
Israel United Laundries Atarot I.Z.
IsraVit Plastic and metal works Edomim I.Z.
Kanfei Yona Tannery Edomim I.Z.
Klima Israel Ltd Atarot I.Z.
Lasri Ltd Metal works Edomim I.Z.
Levi Metal and wood works Edomim I.Z.
Mei Zurim Water purification Gush Etzion
Nesarim Wood work production & marketing Atarot I.Z.
Niron Textile threads Emanuel
Optima Edomim I.Z.
Or-Lil Electronics Katzrin I.Z.
Oval Computers Barkan I.Z.
Oval Hospital Equipment Barkan I.Z.v Plast fiber Plastic products Karnei Shomron
R. N. Ltd Judaica Edomim I.Z.
Ramat Magshimim systems Automation Ramat Magshimim
Readymix industries Cement Edomim I.Z.
Remet Trom Aluminum products Edomim I.Z. Ronopol Plastic products Barkan I.Z. Shahaf (Seagull) Metal works Edomim I.Z.
Sherut Packaging products Barkan I.Z.
Shiloh Technologies Edomim I.Z.
Spideshe Ready grown lawn Gilgal
Sprinco Industrial springs Barkan I.Z
Star Auto parts Edomim I.Z.
TAPI Plastics Edomim I.Z.
Technoplast Plastic fittings Barkan I.Z
Tzarfati metal works Edomim I.Z.
Palphot Post cards & Calanders Karnei Shomron
Victory Oil seals Edomim I.Z.

If you are aware of a product or service that are made in the settlements and is not on this list, please notify "Gush Shalom."


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