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U.S.S. Liberty cover up from 1967
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Topic: History Lesson: June 9, 2002
From: Charles B. Tiffany
Date: June 9, 2002

I have been the key to unwinding the cover up of the Liberty massacre for 37 years and nobody has ever contacted me until 2 months ago. The son of a murdered crew man saw a post of mine and contacted me via e-mail. The Israelis have lied for almost two score years that it was a simple error. History has been re-written by the Jewish lobby in the Senate and House and a Navy that refuses to admit its complicity in the deaths of a multitude of 19 year old kids and their 35 year old masters.

I was a brand new navigator flying in a Navy EC-121m electronic surveillance air craft. This was the military version of the super connie of TWA fame. We were so loaded with equipment and drag inducing antennae, that we were sitting ducks if attacked.

Our plane was just like the one the North Koreans shot down a year later and killed 31 good guys. I was on course and 20 miles off the Egyptian coast. We had flown that track before so the Israelis knew where and when we would be heading their way. We were at 20,000 feet about 75 miles west of Gaza, when the guys in the special tent for radio intercepts yelled that we got something crazy on UHF. The skipper had them record it.

Seconds later we were tearing back to Athens in a screaming dive to get as much air speed as possible. We had been given a code one which means you are about to be shot down. I thought it was from Egyptian or Soviet fighters, little did I know that a flight of Mirages was heading to kill us because we had just stumbled on the Liberty slaughter.

We got back by a miracle and the blessed short range of the Mirage 1. I was not cleared to know where the code one came from. It CAME FROM THE KIDS IN THE TENT BEHIND MY HEAD. THEY HAD HEARD ISRAELI OFFICIALS TELLING THEIR PILOTS TO KILL US!!!

All the Navy has to do is release these tapes and the ghosts can sleep easier, the maimed can endure their pain with a little more grace, and the relatives will know the joy of Mrs. Moxley, justice at last.

Charles B. Tiffany

Hip Hop was a reaction to certain political and social conditions. It's way too much to explain but in a nutshell the Civil Rights Movement was born out of political conditions. Hip Hop was born out of oppressive conditions impacting people of color at that time according to Mr. Davey.


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