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Prison Beating Cases, Microbiologiests murdered,
Inequalities in Drug Laws, Suspicious deaths

Supreme Court rules unanimously in discrimination, prison beating cases
Tuesday, February 26, 2002
The court unanimously reversed the same federal appeals court's findings in favor of a former Connecticut state inmate who claimed guards beat him up.
Ronald Nussle wanted to make his case in court before going through an internal prison complaint system. The Supreme Court said Nussle could not circumvent a 1995 law passed amid disgust over petty prison lawsuits over such things as bad haircuts or the wrong kind of peanut butter in the cafeteria.
Nussle had claimed that his lawsuit should be exempt because it concerned an alleged beating as opposed to "prison conditions" as spelled out in the Prison Litigation Reform Act.

The case is Porter v. Nussle, 00-853.


According to Dr. Patricia Doyle, recent professional hits on microbiologists were all affiliated with Hughes Medical Institute, a CIA black ops research institute. Hughes Tool became Baker/Hughes, then became Enron. Before this Howard Hughes Medical Institute had Dr. James Watson in charge of prison experiments in Huntsville, Texas.

Microbiologists killed affiliated with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute include:
l. Dr. Don C. Wylie, Harvard University Howard Hughes Institute (Ebola, Anthrax, gene splicing smallpox altered with Venezuela equine encephalitis resulting in 80% kill rate).

2. Dr. Robert M Schwartz (DNA sequencing, human genome project, smallpox research, killed at farmhouse in Leesburg , Virginia owned by Howard Hughes Medical Institute).

3. Dr. Vdalmir Pasnax (Porton Downs, Redma),U.K. polymer coating to keep aerosolized bubonic plague alive for 2 weeks, binary weapons), some ties to Howard Hughes Medical Institute; announced by British Intelligence, stroke, no autopsy was performed, cremated.

4. Dr. Benito Kay, Miami University (phages research, worked with Howard Hughes Institute scientists) found comatose.

Clinton, Bush, Ashcroft, Shelby, Burton and others in Congress or other positions of power have had their kids or other relatives/family friends busted for many things including Drug possession yet if we or our family members so much as look the wrong way at the powers to be we get harrassed , set - up, arrested, and convicted.

Ashcroft nephew gets probation in drug bust.
Although his arrest for growing 60 plants could have put him in federal prison, Alex Ashcroft was tried in state court and avoided jail -- despite his uncle, Attorney General John Ashcroft's crusade for tougher federal drug laws. (02/02/02)

There are inmates dying in the Florida prisons, 6 (YES, SIX ) just this year in 2002, from medical neglect, one such case happened at Jackson CI and as the inmate was begging and pleading for help, the guards called for SECURITY, instead of MEDICAL. This case has several witnesses, as this occurred outside on the compound.

Now, another inmate was KILLED by the guards. This makes 7 SUSPICIOUS DEATHS, just this year in 2002!

Editor's note: What we call guard, the prison authorities call correctional officers. I wonder who they're trying to fool; some of these officers kill.


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