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Prison food costs

The article in the St. Petersburg Times edition dated June 17, 2002 indicates that Florida prisoners also have to worry about the quality and quantity of the food they are being served. Finally a member of the media has been able to expose what activists, prisoners, and their loved ones have been saying for years about the Florida Department Of Corrections (FDOC) food service. The disgraceful acts reported by the Times are not isolated to this food service company.  Aramark oversees the food service in 126 of the states 133 prisons, but the FDOC was doing the same sort of despicable acts long before Governor Bush; they hired those crooks to save the state money by starving and/or poisoning prisoners with deplorable food being served.

As with medical care provided to prisoners, Governor Bush and the Florida Department Of Corrections have once again shown through implementation of yet another bad policy that saving money takes priority over providing adult and juvenile prisoners with adequate and nutritious meals. Aramark actions are criminal.  Michael Moore's hand selected good-old boy inspectors with arrest powers should round up all those Aramark bandits and take them straight to jail.

Florida's prison-industry-complex has created a Frankenstein whose greed, corruption, abuse, and graft are endless. The connection between Florida's prisons and corporate America have open the flood gates for unscrupulous companies like Aramark, MCI, Wakenhut, Corrections Corporation of America, (etc.,) to exploit and profit from the unfortunate situation Florida's prisoner find themselves in as a result of their incarceration.

It is high time that every one let their voices be heard, otherwise politicians will keep on pimping voters for votes, the FDOC will keep on abusing/killing prisoners and denying them adequate medical care and decent food. Contact the Governor, your local state representatives, the corrections commission and demand that Aramark be run out of Florida's prisons. If you wouldn't feed your family maggots, then don't let Aramark do it again to someone else's mother, father, brother, sister or minor child.


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