Did You Know?

Prison Brutality

Charles Jerry has been beaten repeatedly and forced to wear a dunce cap with a picture taken of it on his head at Columbia Correctional in Florida according to Wanda Valdes.
Willie Matthews had a broken jaw for over a week and was still suffering daily beatings and they say they do not have enough evidence to prosecute the guards in Florida.
Horrendous conditions at Wallens Ridge include: Five point restraints are common. Prisoners are strapped to a steel slab cot in a cold concrete cell for 48 hours or more, spread-eagled with only underwear shorts for clothes. Prisoners are not allowed to get up to use the toilet so they are forced to lie in urine and feces. Stun guns are common, beatings, inadequate medical and mental health care. Prisoners are moved constantly from cell to cell as a means of control.

All of these are in violation of the UN Standard Minimum Rules for Treatment of Prisoners approved by the UN in 1957 and signed by the United States. Prisoners who complained about conditions at Red Onion were transferred to Wallens Ridge and vice-versa. Both are Super Max prisons. Please write to: Ronald Angelone, Director, Virginia Department of Corrections, 6900 Atmore Drive, P. O. Box 26963, Richmond, VA 23261 USA (Respondent who reported these atrocities withheld the name of the prisoner who informed him because he has already faced retaliation for complaints in the past.)
Editor's note: There will be a demand regarding this torture on the Demand page at the end of this edition.


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