Interview with Correctional Officer, Rickey Townsend

By Arlene Johnson

Rickey Townsend was a Correctional Officer in Wisconsin in 1995 at the Federal Correctional Institutution in
Oxford, Wisconsin where he was poisoned by other correctional officers because he was a decent and fair minded officer. This interview was conducted by Editor-In-Chief, Arlene Johnson....

o. Why were you poisoned?

I was involved in an attempted murder case pertaining to two inmates. Where the case would go to trial, and I would be a witness to a crime. I also discovered that the Imperial Klans of America Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are operating in the federal prison system.

o. Who did it?

Mr. James Wayman and his co-conspirators at the Federal Correctional Institution Oxford Wisconsin who are involved in the Imperial Klans of America Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Other co-conspirators include Lenny Graves and Wade Renstrom as well as others who are named in my lawsuit.

o. An inmate told you you shouldn't drink the coffee and you thought he was just joking?

Yes. Prior to my drinking my first cup of coffee an inmate approached me and stated that I shouldn't drink the coffee. Because he said that it would be bad for my health. I asked him why would it be bad for my health? The inmate stated it just was. The inmate was trying to tell me without breaking the inmate codes in prison that the inmates knew that certain staff from the facility where trying to harm me through poisoning the coffee in the Waupaca Unit Secretaries Office at the Federal Correctional Institution, Oxford Wisconsin.

o. Did you actually feel like you were having a heart attack?

Yes. There was a severe pain in my chest and I couldn't breathe.

o. How old were you when this occurred?

I was 33 years old when I was intentionally poisoned.

o. Did you tell the Emergency Room to check the coffee?

Yes. I told the ER doctor Dr. James Logan several times to check the coffee because I felt that something was in the coffee and because certain Bureau of Prison staff were laughing at me at the time of the poisoning.

o. Do you believe others know the truth?

Yes. The FBI, Federal Workers Compensation, EEOC, My Agency, The Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Union, Doctors, etc.

o. Why do you think there is a cover up?

It couldn't get out that for seven years an African American federal law enforcement officer was intentionally poisoned in a federal prison through coffee while on duty where the population of white staff are 98% and minority staff is 2%. That you have a hate group operating inside a federal prison, poisoning inmates and shipping them to other federal facilities in the United States. A lot of people could lose their jobs and go to prison for criminal violations, civil violations, Bureau of Prisons policy, and supplemental violations.

o. What physical damages have occurred to your body?

Brain damage, muscle damage, seizures, difficulty breathing, continued lung infections, gastrointestinal problems, enlarged heart, pigmentation of the skin, narcotic addiction problem due to the overwhelming amount of prescription medication prescribed by doctor's and open lesions, etc.

o. Do you feel that you were in a racist environment? If so, why?

Yes. Because of the Imperial Klans of America Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are using the federal and state prison system as a stumping ground to conduct their racial hatred against minority staff, inmates and any white staff members who attempt to assist individuals of color.

o. Do you want to expose the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Workers' Compensation, two major hospitals and several former FBI agents? Tell us how this all comes together. What are the names of the hospitals?

Yes. I am requesting a special prosecutor to be appointed to this case to get a federal grand jury indictment against the individuals involved in the poisoning. The names of the hospitals involved are the Hess Memorial Hospital, Mile Bluff Clinic and the UW Madison Hospital Wisconsin.

o. Are some of your medical files are missing?

Yes. The first and third set of the three blood gases that were taken are missing. Also the actual test of the poisoning (coffee) is missing.

o. What has happened since 1995?

There has been a major cover up by the doctors and other governmental agencies. I filed a civil complaint pro se in a federal district court in the State of Wisconsin, and the federal judge dismissed my case without giving me a hearing having me put a lot of my evidence in, where the defense didn't have to submit anything. The judge refused to answer motions by ignoring them, and then dismissing my case after making promises to let my case go forward if I met certain requirements.

o. Will the Statue of Limitations affect you?

No, because I am in the appeal process at this time in the appellate court.

o. What demands would you like to be in True Democracy?

That we must get rid of the terrorist activities that occur in the federal prison system by these hate groups (Imperial Klans of America Knights of the Ku Klux Klan). I like to ask that True Democracy get the word out about what is going on in our federal and state prisons. That these present and former employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons should be put in prison for the attempted murder of Crystal and me. Also as to how many other people that may have been tortured by these people.

o. What funding do you need to help you with your medical and legal expenses?

I need donations to hire an attorney to represent me in court to make legal arguments on my appeal and in the district court. Also a medical toxicologist to give me treatment to help me feel better.

o. What is the status of your case now?

My case is in the appeal process at this time. I am awaiting for the appellate court to rule on the docketing statements I submitted so that Crystal may proceed to assist me on writing the brief for the appeal.

o. What did the authorities try to do to Crystal?

I want the readers to understand that Crystal is the one who found all the doctors and worked on this case for two years. When everyone else turned their back on me for seven years. Crystal and I did a booth for a week at the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Crystal and I appeared in the University newspaper December 7, 2001. On December 12, 2001, Crystal was viciously attacked intentionally by poison in our home through the furnace filters. The Sheriff's Department was contacted but the issue was covered up.

o. How is she feeling now?

The poisoning caused Crystal to have seizures and have paralysis of her right two small fingers. The two fingers are curled into her hand and frozen stiff. Crystal has been refused medical help because she is helping me with this case.

o. How old is Crystal?

Crystal is 23 years old.

o. Are the people in your community still conspiring against you? Can you describe what they did to conspire against you in the past?

Yes... One example is: I had a fiancé to whom I was engaged for five years and a future mother-in-law who did nothing to help me after the poisoning. However, I met Crystal in November 1999; within two years she found doctors who stated that I was definitely poisoned. She has filed legal documents in federal court on my behalf because I was too ill to do so. The fact of the matter is that the people who I trusted were told by certain government officials to stall out my statute of limitations for court and not help me find a medical toxicologist. Also government officials told my attorneys not to assist me pertaining to my case. I have come to find out that attorneys who I have been seeing are representing the defendants.

The post office censors my mail and it is nearly impossible to receive Email as well. I also believe that my telephone is tapped.


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