Possible Electrocution for Prisoners:
Letter to the Authorities

By Hasaan Shakur

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this letter in concerns of the safety of prisoners as well as the safety of the prison staff.

I have been in this cell (12DA-09) since October of the year 2000. Upon being placed in this cell, I noticed that it leaked very badly when it rained on the inside. This leak does not happen from the window, but instead, from the floor of the cell. This is confirmation of structural damage of this prison.

Upon further inspection of my cell, and around the cell (from the outside of it) , I noticed that the ceiling leaked as well.

I went through the procedure of informing the officers that worked the pod. Nothing happened. I informed the Sergeant but nothing happened. I informed the Lieutenant but nothing happened. I informed the Captain; again nothing happened. I informed the Major, but nothing happened. I have written grievances, but nothing happened. I have had people contact the Ombudsman, but nothing happened. This has been over the span of two years. Now the situation has worsened. The so-called seal that was put in the floor is no longer there because the maintenance crew took it out. The ceiling outside my cell has now cracked completely across the entire run. There is a hole in the back wall in which water and the elements of nature seep into my cell. Mold is a problem which can cause serious illness. The ceiling that leaks is no longer a leak. It is a full-blown downpour now and you can ask any and all prisoners up here on this run as well as your staff. Pictures were taken as well. This was done by Sergeant Dickerson.

How does this become a safety hazard? On a small scale, may it be officer or prisoner; can walk through this water (you cannot avoid it) and fall either backwards causing minor to major back damage or fall over down the steps and cause life-threatening damage for the roof leaks so badly, the water goes down the steps and eventually into the cells on the row. This is only the minor part! This "leak" goes off into the box over the door of my cell. Water collects inside there. Now, eventually this water will touch something electrical and, 1) An officer may be removing me from my cell and once he approaches with the slot bar and places it on the metal door he or she will "ground" themselves causing electrocution which will either result in his or her death, of lower magnitude, or lifetime injury; either way a lawsuit is in order. Or, 2) I become electrocuted and either die or sustain serious injury and a lawsuit is in order. Or, 3) The box shorts out causing a malfunction on the rest of the boxes up over the doors which in time could cause all the doors to open if not properly tended. You will have 7 - 14 prisoners loose with at least two officers on the run. I for one am not here to cause harm to your staff but I cannot speak for the other deprived and oppressed men that have been caged like animals in these deplorable conditions for at least two years. Once again the results will be people being injured or killed and lawsuits will be in order.

I am sending you this message for I am trying to protect the complete interests of everyone from the prisoners to the staff itself and more importantly, myself. I am not asking for anything out of the ordinary. I ask to be moved from this cell to a better location. I have constantly addressed this situation and you can come down here and view for yourself and I will take you on a "tour" of your facility, it is serious in matter. You may argue that these are worst case scenarios until they take place. If you totally want to be safe, you should either immediately fix this problem or move those that occupy 8 cell and 9 cell or whomever wishes to speak about this area of this pod for this is not an isolated problem and I know the caving in of this roof or the electrocution of a prisoner or better yet your staff is in the future. If a prisoner files lawsuit for negligence it's fine can go as high as a judge sees fit and if that prisoner is to be myself I have complete records of everything I have sent in and written to the officials in this prison and so does my attorney. So say that negligence is the reason I'm electrocuted, injured or killed is a complete understatement. If an officer was to file a lawsuit it gets worse, for if you fire that individual, an additional lawsuit is in order for discrimination. I point out once more I have complete records or everything I have sent to the officials of this prison.

This is the time to prevent all of this from happening. I ask to be relocated and for you to remedy this situation before that worst case scenario happens. If you need to review this letter I have copies and so does my attorney. I hope to speak with someone that can take care of this problem or at least move me from this area of the pod. There are cells that are vacant on this pod, so a move to a completely different pod is not necessary. But if you feel the need to move me from this pod, then I will welcome it.

Thank you very much for your time and concern in this matter. Please know you will be hearing from me again soon if no proper action is taken.


Hasaan Shakoor a.k.a Derrick Frazier #999284


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