Letter to Warden

By Arlene Johnson

P. O. Box 882
Lakebay, WA 98349-0882
September 1, 2001

Mr. Carter
Florida State Prison
P. O. Box 181
Starke, FL 32091-0181

Dear Mr. Carter,
A pattern is developing here. First I hear from Troy Griffin, #550629 that he was accused of assaulting a guard; now I hear from Steve Terrel Coleman #791469, who is another African American that he has been accused of assaulting a guard as well as 17 other African Americans whose names I have yet to know.

You need to stop this. Why? Because it's not right. I realize that you have only begun your tenure there and that Warden Crosby was there making mischief before you arrived so you can do what he didn't do and redeem yourself in the eyes of the world. You may not know who I am so I'll tell you.

I am the publisher of the accurate Top Secret American history about which the world is in possession because our government has betrayed all of them, including Israel. This periodical is only on my Web site so I hope you have the internet at home so you can see for yourself what I am publishing so you will understand that the world will hear about this case and all the others when I do the edition which is devoted to prisoners if not before that.

Moreover, because of my steadfastness, I now have my own radio program which is completely uncensored also and will let these people who are also all over the world learn of this disgusting display of power.

I have the public schools right where I want them because they like the status quo. We don't like the status quo so what I am telling decent people which includes Mr. Coleman is to go to the school and force them to teach accurate American history in high school and teach the children in all grades that all ethnicities want the same things because we all do or they will place their children somewhere where they will and to force the schools to send the page which makes my magazine unique to the Speaker of the House in Washington DC.

The dirt I have on this government which breaks the law every day of the year is so vast that I know that there's an agenda for people of color. This is why the guards like Kevin Snow do what they do to prisoners like Troy and Steve. Therefore, do whatever it takes to not only end this practice of lying about prisoners assaulting guards but grant Mr. Coleman a new trial, one that is fair because the others haven't been fair. Otherwise, we will have to publicize the fact that you didn't and make you look bad too.

I'm sending a copy of this letter to Mr. Coleman so he can see that I care about him and will help him. You may not have children in the public schools but he does. Do not jeopardize your tenure there by covering up lies that others tell because I have your name now and will use it to the advantage of all the prisoners there or anywhere.

Enough is enough!



Arlene Johnson
cc: Steve Terrel Coleman, #791469


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