True Story

Framed Twice:
Norman Allen  in New York

By Arlene Johnson
People easily recognize the name Attica Prison in New York state. Norman Allen was there not because he was guilty but because of his ethnicity. For Norman Allen is an African American.

Here's the description of the atrocities he underwent while at Attica Prison. "They were hosing us down in our cells with the fire hose in the winter freezing outside and then opening all the windows so we could die. They were jumping on us everyday 10-15 of the 250 pound Hillbilly Rednecks six feet with sticks busting our heads open. They were hanging brothers in their cells just outright murdering us.

This is not what somebody told me; this is what I witnessed okay. I was there in it. They stole our property, ripped up our personal family pictures; I'm talking about some real torture and terrorism here. They murdered some good comrades of mine inside these prisons.

They're having a field day with this generation now. They have these kids scared to death. They're raping these kids in Attica. Every time they go to the yard they put them up on the wall and run their hands all between their cheeks. This is done to humiliate, and to see if you're man enough to come off the wall so they can beat you down. They squeeze their private parts.

Trust me I have broken jaws, ribs, teeth knocked out by these devils, but I have that skin that heals well."

At Upstate Correctional Facility Norman wrote, "They put glass in my food sis, and I don't know what else but I bit down on the glass and spit it out, they also have been making comments to one another to determine if I ate and have been checking my tray to see if I ate. So now I must go on a hunger strike. The last couple of days that I ate I have been feeling sick; now the glass tonight confirmed that they have been spiking my food. They get mad as hell any time you write them up for what they do to us but it's all right when they're writing us up. Last night they looked at me as though they wanted to kill me. I came in here perfectly healthy.

I heard that they put something in another political brother's food in Southport [Southport is another correctional facility in New York] and gave him a heart attack.

I don't know what these cowards put in my food the first couple of days before I got hip [became savvy] to them. But I was having stomach pains a couple of days ago. If they infest me with something and kill me please sis just revenge my death legally. Don't ever stop pursuing it. Yes, I'm a marked man now, a target. Anytime you're a writer you're hated by them.

I have to check daily now when I use the bathroom and see if any blood is in the toilet because I don't know how long they have been putting this glass in my food. It's only certain dishes they could have put it in and I don't remember having a lot of dishes they could have been putting it in until tonight when they had sloppy joes and the first bite I took the glass crunched so I didn't swallow it; I spit it right in the toilet, washed my mouth out and didn't eat any more. No wonder the past week I have been having pains by my liver.

Another prisoner told me he wrote a nurse up before I arrived here and then he started having stomach problems as well. He told me he believes they have been putting something in his food and he was asking for a blood test."

All this occurred to a prisoner who is innocent with the easiest case to rectify except for a lack of money to pay to obtain adequate representation. An eyewitness called 911 which is the emergency telephone system in America to describe the real murderer who is also serving a sentence for the same crime.

The police detectives do not want to admit that they know that Norman Allen is innocent.


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