Analysis of the Frank Valdes Murder Case

Copy of letter Wanda Valdes sent to William Cervone, The Prosecuting Attorney

Ms. Burch:

The case was a set-up from the beginning.

(1) The state did not see first degree murder charges based on the felony murder rule.

(2) the Judge skewed the jury by staying in Starke, where everyone was related in one way or another to the prison industry.

(3) The medical evidence clearly and unambiguously stated that at the least there was an aggravated battery, cavalierly overlooked by jury nullification. Did the state ask for a conviction for battery?

(4) The defense employed a SODDI defense (Some other Dude did it) as well as Valdes did it all himself. He must have been a contortionist to kick himself in the face --with someone else's boots no less! That was a clear unambiguous admission that an assault took place, and ALL the guards involved are equally guilty under the felony law rule. Did not the proscutor realize this?

This points to the conclusion that the whole trial was a white-wash from the start, and to the inescapable conclusion that guards have open season to murder convicts for any reason with no accountability,

Do not expect to see justice, since the Goons are in charge, and protect their own.


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