Our Challenge: The "Correctional Officer's" Murder Trial for the Frank Valdes Murder

By Wanda Valdes
February 16, 2002

I want everyone to know that we had a great team of attorneys, but we had our hands tied.

First the judge would not move the trial. The jurors all had friends who were guards, and they just wanted to have the trial over. The jurors, the lawyers, and the judge all knew one another -- their lives were all intertwined with one another before the trial began.

I felt all alone and very hurt. Everyone told me this was a no-win situation.

Now I hear they may let the other guards off too. Maybe they just don't have the money or the time to try them ... or maybe this is just a rumor.

This case was important from day one. Men are still being beaten by guards in the prisons today, RIGHT NOW, and this case could have given us some of the power we so badly need to help them.

If in fact they do not try the other guards, then the moment is lost.

I did my best, and I'm in deep grief -- with the result of this unfair trial, they have murdered my husband yet again.

Thanks to ____ for the $100.00 you sent me -- I was only able to attend the last day of the trial because of you. I also recently lost my car because of my constant pain and poor health.

I am in such grief that I cannot work this morning, and may lose my morning job.

So many people just don't understand my deep hurt and pain.

-- Wanda Valdes

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