The Truth About The Valdes Murder On X-Wing

By Lakeith Amir-Sharif

Kay Lee's writing was really excellent as it illustrates how implausible it is for the state to want anyone of average intelligence to believe the thug guards indicted for Frank's murder should not be convicted because there is not enough evidence to convict "ALL" of them.

I've been incarcerated in the same prison (Florida State Prison) where Frank was brutally murdered. Within those walls I've met men doing 2, 3, and 4 life bids or under death sentences, in cases that were based on none to cirmustantial or otherwise incomplete evidence. It didn't matter to the State in those cases as to the strength or weakness of the evidence, so why now?

First, I don't accept that madness about evidence being circumstantial in Frank's murder. If you and I went out and left someone like they did Frank, bet your last dollar we'd all be headed to the nearest state reception center for processing in the Florida Department of Corrections. State Attorney Bill Cervone's comment about having to assess whether it's worth the time, money and effort to try convicting the remaining murderers isn't a choice he should be allowed to make.

The people of Florida (and all people of conscience and freedom loving people around the world) want to see justice done. Perhaps the only people that don't want to see justice done are those thugs on trial, their pitiful lawyers and the "kind and loving" folks in that North Florida county where prisons are undeniably the lifeblood of their local economy.

It should of come as no surprise that acquittals were received in the first cases tried; although this doesn't mean they aren't guilty and a jury in another part of the state wouldn't have found them guilty.

The defense has even admitted that their defendants' description of events is a lie. Yes, the physical descriptions were inconsistent with pathological findings and if demonstrated in court with the actual X-Wing cage, physically unlikely.

The politically influenced decisions being made around the Valdes murder case cast a dubious light on the integrity of Florida's governor, the FDOC, the Florida Dept. Of Law Enforcement (known for it's rubberstamping the "no-evidence of prisoner abuse" finding involving FDOC self-investigations, and the state's entire judicial system. It really is a shameful situation, but shame is what Florida's leadership and courts are becoming more and more accustomed to being overshadowed by. That's perhaps why three murderers are walking free today in North Florida, and others awaiting trial in that case sense less fear of going to trial.

Editor's note: Since this commentary was written, the charges have been dropped against the remaining defendants in the homicide of Frank Valdes.

Frank Valdes' (and many other prisoners) rights under the Eighth amendment were violated. And that is just one of many "so-called" constitutionally protected rights that were violated that day when those thugs went into that cell with the sole intent to silence Frank Valdes once and for all.

Frank, your death was not in vain.The truth will be known and justice will be served.


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