Demands for the government     TRUE DEMOCRACY Summer 2002     TABLE OF CONTENTS
Please make a copy of this DEMAND page, fold it into thirds, address it to J. Dennis Hastert whose address is here close it with a staple or tape and mail it. Please do not put your name or address on this mail no matter where you live.
1. Prosecute the nine correctional officers for the 1st degree beating death of Frank Valdes and never allow them to work in any prison or jail ever again should they be acquitted;
2. Create a Palestinian state and deoccupy it of all Israeli military personnel and Israeli law enforcement officers;
3. Free Sirhan Sirhan and prosecute Thane Eugene Cesar instead for 1st degree murder with no possibility of parole; free Andrea Mims in CA and any women imprisoned like her;
4. Abolish the USA PATRIOT Act;
5. Abolish EO 11649;
6. Free the militia leaders who were in the Atlanta, Georgia area during the 1996 Summer Olympics;
7. Prosecute prison correctional officers who rape and/or sodomize and incarcerate those convicted for life without possibility of parole;
8. Make torture and homicide a federal crime punishable by incarceration for life without the possibility of parole for homicide;
9. Release 3,988 hours of unreleased White House tapes taped during Richard Nixon's term of office;
10. Legalize cannabis;
11. Pass the Innocence Protection Act;
12. Correct the inmate record of Kenneth Caudill, #685494 to reflect his being incarcerated on Q-Wing when he was on that wing in the state of Florida; force the state to transfer Mr. Caudill to a safer prison to complete serving his sentence;
13. In Texas, move Hasaan Shakur (aka Derricc Frazier) to a different cell away from the electrical hazard and repair the water leak;
14. Shut down the control units in prisons across the nation;
15. Pass legislation to terminate the employment of any correctional officer arrested for homicide;
16. Free Bill Tyree and prosecute the real killer of Elaine Tyree. Allow Bill Tyree to sue for false arrest and obtain therapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder);
17. Pass legislation to allow all inmates to be interviewed by the press;
18. Pass legislation to amend the Three Strikes law to apply only to violent offenders nationwide;
19. Pass legislation which mandates an oath of service for Prison employees to the extent that they swear not to deceive as to their actions on penalty of immediate termination;
20. Expunge Rexford Tweed's DC#116365 disciplinary record;
21. Pass legislation allowing conjugal visits in prison for any prisoner;
22. Mandate wholesome food in all federal & state prisons; prosecute Aramark on the grounds that it served deadly food;
23. Transfer Chad Bennett, TDCJ#790798 to Hutchins Texas Unit and commence treatment immediately or be charged with attempted homicide; also grant Chad Bennett a new trial;
24. Free Zacarias Moussaoni and prosecute George W. Bush for 1st degree murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and victims of the WTC and Pentagon (see 4th ed. True Democracy for demand to impeach due to passage of USA PATRIOT Act;
25. Shut Hendry Correctional Institution down in Florida and close Wallens Ridge in Virginia also due to murders;
26. End the military occupation in Hawaii;
27. Disband the office of Homeland Security;
28. Pass legislation to fund organizations which provide legal assistance for poor inmates who cannot afford a regular lawyer; provide ample funding for these organizations;
29. Pass legislation which allows the minimum wage to be paid to inmates equal to that of workers outside prisons;
30. Pass legislation to provide educational programs for KKK staff of correctional institutions and mandate attendance on penalty of termination;
31. Pass legislation which allows inmates who have been freed the ability to register to vote again as Israel does;
32. Free all detainees whether American citizens or not;
33. Pass legislation making it a criminal offense prosecutable by the federal government to prevent inmates from receiving any medical care or devices they need to maintain their health or regain their health
34. Control for weather conditions in all prisons, i.e. heat in the winter and air conditioning in the hot months;
35. Free Robert Tedder, #2-42 14-7885 in Alabama according to petition the community signed.

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