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Influencing MidEast News

If you haven't noticed it by now, I'm sure you will within a very short time. I'm talking about US news coverage of the Middle East. It seems that Israel has poured millions of dollars in recruiting some of the top PR firms in the United States to make sure that the news coverage is tilted towards Israel's behalf. In addition to these public relation firms the Israelis are using several pro-Israel groups to influence American news coverage using tactics to include boycotts of several top media outlets and massive phone, e-mail, and letter-writing campaigns. They are being directed at both large and small news operations with direct communication to the editors of our major newspapers, broadcast outlets, and cable news channels across the United on <>
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The Body Snatchers' Report on Planet Earth
Imagine a clandestine business visitor to our planet from another galaxy. His purpose is to determine if Earth is worth acquiring. If so, can it be bought or must it be conquered? Our visitor has done this before and is an expert evaluator. He is not to be detoured by prejudices or preconceived notions of power or virtue, and he is equipped with ice cold, near perfect insight and wisdom born of a race of conquerors.

Our uninvited visitor quickly determines that a place called America is the unquestioned jewel of the planet. It boasts the highest growth, industrial might, and agricultural production, and capital base on planet Earth. This space auditor decides that America also has the unchallenged military technology to rule the world, and perhaps the entire galaxy.

Our visitor wonders how this country accomplished this preeminence. He notes that the period of greatest growth and productivity in America appears to have occurred during a time of cultural freedom and fervor, and that the dominant cultural standard or code is called Christianity. He measures the predominance of this culture, not by the number or size of relic cathedrals, but by the number of persons who regularly meet in meeting halls called churches. He notices that many, but not all, of these people worship a higher on <>
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Special Reports

Inside the Gaza Strip -- A Special Report (Read the Entire Series of Reports)

Bush's Body Language <>
President George W. Bush has twice repeated his feeble call to Israel to get out of the West Bank, and Israel has again refused, as expected. The second time, on Monday, April 8, President Bush is said to have shaken his finger when referring to Prime Minister Sharon and said, "When I say stop, I mean it." Some have said Bush is giving out weak and uncertain signals to our Israeli allies; others say he is becoming increasingly forceful and did not realize how determined Sharon is to punish the Palestinians.

But both statements are false and could not be further from the on <>

Why War in Gaza
What does Israel's war against the Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have in common with America's serial wars all over the globe, now centered on Afghanistan? The common denominator is that American money and weapons are used in every such war. Israel enjoys the approval and unconditional support of the American government. That means that no act that Israel does or has done will arouse serious objection from America's leaders. In this Part V, we will examine why the War for Palestine is no closer to ending now than it was when it began, 54 years ago, and why the American government is financing the Israeli side in its brutal on <>

Attacking Islam Two
One intelligent question we are asked over and over again and must be answered Why is America warring against one Islamic country after another? Is it because Arabs are sub-human, as Israelis claim, or are Muslims terrorists as the American press subtly suggests; or, is it an anti-Islamic agenda among our nation's leaders that they do not share with us? on <>

Life In The Gaza Strip Gulag <>

Witness to Execution in Gaza <>

People Against Tanks in Gaza <>

Tourism and Politics from Thebes <>

A Short Walk into the World's Largest Prison <>

WHTT Internet Radio
One hour interviews of guests with messages, by Mike Holland and Director C. E. Carlson. Broadcast around the clock every day. WHTT Radio features news and interviews with a prominent authority on vital issues every week. Interviews include perspectives from all faiths with a Christ follower's prospective. The Real Audio player is needed to hear the broadcast. You can also browse while listening.

This weeks feature is a speech on May 21, 2001 by a Palestinian Student given at a luncheon in Phoenix, Az.
Nure Elatari, "What Arabs Need to Have Peace!" American born Palestinian student leader at Arizona State University, has made three trips to Palestine West Bank, and has plenty to say to balance the biased views. Listen Now! <>

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  1. Whoever Rules America, Rules the World - By Chuck Carlson & George Ganem.
  2. Israelis Settlements in the West Bank - by Cesar Aharon with C. E. Carlson, explains how the present violence was caused by the creation of the Israelis by forcing armed squatters to hold Arab territory. 60 min audio
  3. Echoes of War: Who Will Answer? - C.E. Carlson and Winston Palmer compare notes from a letter written on the eve of the 1991 Gulf War and the present day War on Terrorism. It examines the tactics of the war machines of Bush Sr. and his son, President G. W. Bush. A disturbing parallel, plus a positive solution. 60 minute audio
  4. Shireen From Gaza - C.E. Carlsonís taped interview in English with Shireen (Surname withheld) a young English major from Gaza City, who tells of the lives and hope of the Palestinian family caught up in a war they do not want, and are powerless to stop. Mr. Carlson provides an account of his visit to Gaza in March, 2002, focusing on the family and the so called ìsuicide bombers. This vital question is asked and answered; do Muslims parents train children for war and body bomb raids as the American and Israeli press claim? 60min Audio
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