Legalizing Marijuana:

By Kay Lee

For heaven's sake! I'm a grandmother but I've never heard such nonsense as the uneducated notion that marijuana is more potent thereby making people more aggressive than previously thought. You may have seen "Reefer Madness", a film made back in the 1930s by the industrialists and politicians of the day. It was about the aggressiveness of a little non-toxic plant they named 'marihuana'. They convinced many people that this very old plant with a brand new name would make users become psychotic and viciously kill loved ones while laughing hysterically. Of course, at that time they just wanted to make Cannabis-aka-Hemp-aka-Marijuana illegal. Competition issues and all.

The people bought the story of the evil plant, not knowing it was only Cannabis/Hemp, and allowed those lying industrialists and political bedfellows to create a whole new class of 'criminal.'

But then, along came WWII and suddenly those rascal Politicians and Industrialists remembered they needed hemp for everything from the uniforms, sails, rigging, decks, and even the logbook. Oops! Back up.

So now they have to tell the people that Cannabis/Hemp is so valuable that every child should grow at least an acre and every parent could keep their sons home from the war if they would just grow lots of Cannabis/hemp.

The war finally ends, and they looked around at all those plants and remembered that it was illegal, but how to make people give up growing this profitable natural resource?

"Ahhhhh!" they think. "We'll tell them marijuana makes the user so passive that the commies will just walk into our country and take over."

In the 80s, they were made to acknowledge the medical properties of pot because doctors who needed to treat their patients with it proved the necessity. So, they began giving a handful of sick people a monthly supply of pre-rolled joints, grown on their own 'government' owned plot of land in Mississippi. (They still give it to seven living patients. Everybody else goes to prison.)

Then that old AIDS virus drove maybe 10,000 sick people's doctors to ask for the right to use Cannabis in medical care. Instead of worrying about being the only supplier for that many people (they certainly weren't going to let anyone else grown it legally), in 1992 the government decided it was not medicine anymore and they shut down the medical program for the plant. They made a synthetic imitation for medical use and in 1994, they said, "We don't want to hear anymore about this subject... no more clinical trials unless we say so and we say no!"

Well, the people kept hollering for the right to use the plant, so they mocked the people, calling the plant that had been used as a primary medicine for well over 5000 years, "Cheech and Chong!" "It doesn't make sick people feel better," says the drug czar. "They just think it does!" Darn right!

Despite thousands of peaceful crowds that gather across the world periodically to protest the illegality of God's plants, Eric Myrholm would take us back to the original lie of Reefer Madness. He takes it as fact that the increased irritability of the 'marijuana' advocates is due to increased potency. Even the cops know better than that. They've had to stand around with nothing to do during the hemp festivals because all the action was at the football rally with the beer drinking crowd.

He says it is the potency that makes that crowd restless, with not a thought about how long advocates have tried to tell people that the facts are out there. No matter how patient we've been in waiting for truth and common sense to come out of a politician's mouth about 'marijuana', no matter that thousands of users are losing their property, families, freedom and lives over these lies, Eric blame's that frustration on potency!

The Marijuana story changes to suit the status quo, but the truth never changes. I'd laugh if the lies weren't so darned painful.

My personal experience with Cannabis

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Potency Is On Rise
Newshawk: Herb
Pubdate: Tue, 19 Feb 2002
Source: Abbotsford Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 The Abbotsford Times
Author: Eric Myrholm


Editor, The News:

On Feb. 12, Fraser Valley MP Chuck Strahl hosted a town hall meeting in Chilliwack, with the topic being: Marijuana: Legalize, Decriminalize or Penalize?

There was a full house of approximately 250 people.

The group was addressed by Dr. Keith Martin, a Canadian Alliance MP, who discussed the proposed Bill C-344, which would amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act with respect to marijuana.

Dr. Ray Baker of Vancouver presented the "facts" about the dangers of marijuana use. There was also good attendance from the pro-marijuana group. This group came with some surprises. I have always viewed this group as having a "Hey man! Cool dude!" approach.

On several occasions when the information was being presented, loud jeers, catcalls and outright shouting by the pro-marijuana group took place. So much for the laid-back, peace and love attitude we hear so much about.

It shows that the potency of marijuana is increasing.

MP Strahl again proved his parliamentary skills and wisdom by bringing the meeting back on track. After the meeting, I would ask: Why do we need a drug like marijuana? To mask pain? To mellow the present? To make a situation tolerable? How many problems has the use of marijuana solved? (No motherfucker, how many problems has smoking it caused other than it being illegal? Ralph)

The exception would be for medical purposes only, if approved by a medical practitioner. (There you go, a "medical practitioner of any kind." Ralph)

Out of concern for our children, grandchildren and all the youth of Canada, please don't push for the legalization of this mind-altering, addictive, gateway drug. (Is he talking about alcohol a legal drug? At least people are not going to jail for it. Another Drug Warrior shot down in the WOD. Ralph)

Eric Myrholm, Abbotsford



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