Try to imagine powerlessness. To not have the ability to come and go at will; this is the situation for the less fortunate amongst us-the prisoners or as more commonly known-inmates. There are innocent as well as guilty who dwell within the confines of cells with bars.

This edition of True Democracy (La verdad sobre la democracia) is devoted to these people, a people who are so misunderstood that many in America feel that the key should be thrown away because of the crimes that they have committed against others. However, what happens if an inmate is innocent but in prison nevertheless? And what happens if remorse is displayed? Is it sincere or a ploy to obtain a release from confinement from the chains that try to bind the human spirit?

We will prove that "correctional officers" are not only not employed to correct behavior; they are there to break the spirit of these people, the ones who need more spirit building than all of us because their spirit was broken earlier in life.

We will also prove that the "correctional officers" who are honest in their attempt to help the inmates are the victims of harm themselves with the true story of a Wisconsin correctional officer named Rickey Townsend. Mr. Townsend's story is one of being poisoned by other guards as "correctional officers" are often called.

Lastly, we will prove that there is more than one prisoner who shouldn't be in prison with two pieces of history which prove that they are innocent and we will certainly prove that inmates are murdered, abused needlessly, and tortured in the United States despite the fact that they have done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.

Additionally, we will prove that slavery continues because slavery is exemplified in prison according to reports from extremely reliable sources.

Thank you for reading this edition of the true history of the United States of America as even Israeli prisoners are able to vote while in prison.

The articles written by myself are documented by the letters to me from the prisoners themselves. If anyone wants to see these letters, advise me with a self addressed stamped envelope which one or ones you wish to see and I'll be pleased to provide them to you.

Let this be a lesson to foreign prison officials to vastly improve the treatment of their prisoners thereby eradicating prison brutality in their confines as they strive to follow the example demanded of American prison officials who in my opinion are no better than foreign prison officials. Indeed, Cuban prisons are far superior since they rehabilitate their prisoners. The proof of all of this is within these pages.

                         Arlene Johnson


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