Please make a copy of this DEMAND page, fold it into thirds, address it to J. Dennis Hastert whose address is here close it with a staple or tape and mail it. Please do not put your name on this mail no matter where you live.

1. Abolish USC section 38 Title 511(a), USC section 38 Title 5902a, USC section 38 Title 5904, EO 10990, EO 10995, EO 10997, EO 10998, EO 10999, EO 11000, EO 11001, EO 11002, EO 11003, EO 11004, EO 11005, EO 11049, EO 11051, EO 11310, EO11490 , EO 11615, EO 11921, EO 12148, EO 12656, EO 12919, EO13010, EO 13011, EO 13083, EO 13107 & Proclamation 4074;
2. Abolish Codes 22 USC 2551 and 22 USC 2571 known as the Arms Control & Nonproliferation Acts;
3. Perform a complete investigation into the USS Liberty attack;
4. Eliminate the co-payment for medications veterans need and provide ample funding for Hypnotherapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming to overcome PTSD for all veterans who need it either at local VA hospitals with certified physicians trained in this method of therapy or privately with certified physicians; allow any disabled veteran to obtain dental care at the VA, and pass legislation to mandate a 100% disability rating to those veterans who have submitted a claim who are unable to work;
5. Free the Libyan defendants of the Pan Am 103 atrocity and allow their records to be expunged; prosecute the planners of the atrocity which occurred on July 3, 1987 instead. Allow the victims' families to sue the US government;
6. Pass Senator Barbara Boxers legislation which provides tax credits to employers who hire veterans who live in poverty;
7. Ban chemtrails and mind control weapons in space and air not just in space;
8. Eliminate the sanctions on Iran;
9. Free the detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay allowing them to relocate anywhere they want, never take any others there, and never build a prison there;
10. Pass S. 1992 to improve retirement security by reforming 401K rules;
11. Abolish the Vietnam Human Rights Act because it is disingenuous;
12. Pass H.R. 491 Equity Bill;
13. Never pass CAFTA or the FTAA as they don't help workers;
14. Never allow the creation of the new central command in Philadelphia or anywhere else;
15. Free Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas as well as any new political prisoners not documented in the second edition of this periodical at;
16. Abolish the United Nations because it was established by the Illuminati to serve their purposes; use the property for peaceful means;
17. Reinstate the Environmental Protection Agency budget by $500 million.
18. Pass legislation which will force corporate polluters to be accountable for cleaning up the toxic messes they create;
19. Reinstate rules denying government contracts to companies that violate government regulations, including environmental and workplace safety rules;
20. Reinstate rules that require hard-rock mines to clean up their pollution on public lands;
21. Reinstate a proposal to give the public information about public health and safety consequences of chemical plant accidents;
22. Regulate carbon dioxide levels;
23. Reinstate rules mandating energy efficiency regulations for air conditioners and heat pumps;
24. Reinstate funding of renewable energy source research by the amount cut (50%);
25. Never eliminate marine protections for the Channel Islands of California and the coral reefs of Hawaii or anywhere else;
26.Invest $100 million in rain forest conservation;
27. Reinstate the Community Access Program (for people without health insurance) by the amount reduced (86 percent);
28. Reinstate $60 million to a Boys & Girls Club of America program for public housing;
29. Never forbid any adult from reading any Web site ever again;
30. Pass Universal Healthcare as a minimum for every US Citizen;
31. Pass legislation which provides a drug prescription benefit at no extra cost in Medicare;
32. Provide competition amongst HMOs so prices will be competitive or regulate them;
33. Pass legislation creating a patient's bill of rights including the right to sue an HMO;
34. Pass a strong Federal Hate Crimes Law;
35. Repeal the 1996 Welfare Law and pass a Federal Welfare Law that treats those indigent with dignity and respect;
36. Allow anyone to vote who is incarcerated whether they are a veteran or not since Israel does;
37. Pass legislation which will fund private sector medical research initiatives that have shown real progress in identifying disease or disability in ailing Gulf War veterans, such as the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center's GWI neurological research program;
38. Reprogram funds allocated to Gulf War Syndrome research away from methodologically flawed or scientifically dubious DoD/DVA medical research programs (including all examining stress) into private sector or state-run medical research initiatives (overseen by an independent body) that have shown results or that are viewed as scientifically promising;
39. Codify the IOM's medical monitoring recommendations (contained in their October 2000 report);
40. Extend the presumptive period for the development of Gulf War-related illness, as some forms of exposure (such as depleted uranium) may not produce illness until years after the exposure event.;
41. Dissolve the Twin Towers fund as it is illegal;
42. Never allow the Anti-Balistic Missile Treaty to be withdrawn;
42. Ban Aspertame.


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