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Current drug policies create the evils they are supposed to address

Posted by Bob Newland

They put us in jail. They disrupt our families. They steal our stuff.
They steal our money. They do this, they say, to control crime.

They pursue public policies which serve mainly as price-supports for black-market drug dealers. By driving up the price of illegal drugs as much as 17,000 per cent, they make the illegal drug market attractive to the most vicious people on earth, some of whom use that money to kill US citizens.

That's in addition to assuring that children have access to illegal drugs all the time, everywhere. That's in addition to steadily driving down the age of first drug experimentation. If they get any more successful in their "war on (some) drugs", kids'll be cooking crank in Headstart classes.

That's in addition to cruelly denying a medicine which works for tens of thousands of sick, disabled, and dying patients.

Then they cynically tell us that if we smoke marijuana, we're supporting terrorists. They are bastards.

In the Feb. 26, 2002, issues of "USA Today" and the "New York Times", the Libertarian Party ran ads featuring Drug "Czar" John Walters saying, "This week, I had lunch with the president, testified before Congress, and helped funnel $40 million in illegal drug money to groups like the Taliban."

The result of the ad? Not much. Mainly because Walters and his thugs understood that at $40,000 per crack, the LP wasn't gonna be able to run many ads like that.

The Beltway politicians and bureaucrats feel pretty secure pursuing their cruel, expensive and absurd drug policies. Why?

Because about 95 per cent of elected officials and bureaucrats at every level of government, down to city councils and school boards support the same policies. Election opponents are afraid to address the 1000-lb gorilla sitting in front of them -- current drug policies are a huge disaster, which permeates and pollutes every level of public and private life.

SoDakNORML thinks enough is enough. In a hard-hitting ad in this week's "Panache" magazine (distributed in the Black Hills of South Dakota), SoDakNORML begins a campaign of exposing local lawmakers' and bureaucrats' support of policies which create massive evils while producing no benefits.

You can see this ad at < >,

"We at SoDakNORML ( believe that part of the battle for exercise of common sense in drug policy includes demonstrating both to the public and to the lawmakers and cops and bureaucrats how much harm current drug policy is doing to all of us," said Bob Newland, president of SoDakNORML, an affiliate of the National Org. for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

"We think that a campaign such as this ad represents will help do that. At first, they'll call us irresponsible or crazy. Then, maybe, they'll start facing the facts. The facts are, simply, that the laws prohibiting the sale and use of marijuana are absurd, cruel, and counterproductive. Eventually, opponents to current politicians will feel comfortable attacking these policies.

"Alcohol Prohibition ended 70 years ago -- after a disastrous, crime-producing 14 years -- after local politicians began refusing to support the cynical and hypocritical federal policies.

"There is no evidence that the current marijuana laws, which have resulted in over 18 million years of prison time for folks in the US alone, and which currently produce a marijuana arrest every 45 seconds, have deterred even one person from smoking marijuana. There is evidence that the exact opposite result has been achieved. Enough is enough," Newland concluded.

SoDakNORML is a non-profit South Dakota corporation. SoDakNORML welcomes members from all over the world. We have the coolest t-shirt and the best plan of action. Join SoDakNORML.


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