Letters to the Editor

I took some minutes to browse your site.

It is loaded. Thank God for people like you. I hope you will be available to assist some of us that are growing and upcoming. I am based in Abuja NIGERIA. And I look forward to hearing more from you.

Dear Arlene:
I did forward your emails to all of my friends all over the world.

Thank you for sharing this information with me. I am really sorry that your great work is being discredited by some people. It happens to all of us. Don't let anyone get you down. You would not believe the hate emails I have received from Zionists Jews and even from some Arabs.

I do hope that you continue with your great work. We, your friends, are all very proud of you and your success despite all of obstacles you have faced. It shows that you are invincible and a very resilient person.

Wishing you continued success.
Warm regards,
Hi Arlene,

I know it is so hard to convince so many Americans of anything as their government has them so brainwashed and they don't realize how bad and corrupt the American government really is. They even have the majority of Americans spending their hard earned money supporting the devil's work as I call it.

You are doing great work and I am thankful for people like you who never give up. I will do my best to spread the truth of democracy to each and everyone I can.

New Brunswick, Canada
Dear Arlene,

I was certainly not implying that you or anyone else wasn't doing a good job.
In fact it's quite notable that you have been breathing some life into the
leftgreennetwork list which I created and have done nothing to promote
because of lack of time... it's really quite nice that that list has developed
a life of its own.

And I do read your information regularly albeit it frightens the bjesus out of me.
Keep up the good work.

Comrade Brown
Dear Arlene:

The reckless use of the death penalty makes one wonder about "civilized" as we like to say we are. What kind of "civilization" uses the death penalty on the retarded and that does not take into consideration other excessive uses and the innocent convicted, executed or awaiting execution. We, as a nation, arrest, convict and execute and consider that being tough on crime, forgetting the causes of crimes, forgetting them many innocents caught up in being tough on crime, who otherwise could and would live a normal life, providing a normal life was available. But, with low or no wage jobs, poor, substandard, no housing available, how can life be normal and up to any kind of livable standard, so, what's left but a life of crime? Little else is provided but more prisons, more cops, a toughness on crime that fails to solve the social conditions leading to all the crime that we need more prisons and more cops for! The death penalty only serves to divert attention, it gives the appearance of being tough on crime, but fails to deliver results beyond killing a few people. It fails to deter much crime only the appearance of doing something about it, without the results. The death penalty and the war on crime are a Public Relation effort with little substance to show for it. Many people accept that, the media reinforces that myth, and we know about Texas and the bastard in the White House and his thoughts on the matter.

Our failure is to admit failure, but stubbornness prevails still.

Take care,

Thanks for your love and concern for those on death row
you are a real live human angel.

New York City
Dear Miss Arlene,

I have been an avid reader of some of the issues and articles in your magazine since September 11, 2001. I feel it would be worth your professionalism and public service if you could interview and publish a story on Ms. Jackie Njai, a committed and conscientious teacher in the Public School Education System of the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and doctoral candidate at University of Pittsburgh.

The lady has been criminalized for being a model teacher and de-mystified the notion that African American pupils are non-achievers in Standardized Tests both at state and federal levels.

She has challenged the myth that black children do badly at testing time but the fact is they do well in class and demonstrate superior knowledge and skills but someone makes them fail the so called STANDARDIZED TESTS in order to have FEDERAL FUNDS for non-achievers who are African but when the money is in the coffers of the STATE and LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS is used for non-African children's preferential agendas( that is my, Mongezi analysis).

The sister has won at least three law suits against the School Board et al, and she was fired and her bank account looted by the agents of the school board infringing on her professional, citizen, democratic, civil and due process rights!

Now the school board of Pittsburgh is involved in a SHAM "black superintended under attack by white parents for doing a good job!" We have ministers of religion, non-white middle class professionals and community mis-activists who say whites are"racists" for challenging a black superintendent but the plight of African American pupils in the predominantly black areas and neighborhoods headed by the same black professional teachers and principals is no BETTER! The superintendent has balanced the school district budget at the expense of quality education for our children, especially those of African descent who are supervised by misfit administrators, teachers, and principals and CONSCIENTIOUS TEACHERS like Jackie Njai and many others are left to hang EVEN IF THE BOURGEOIS COURTS HAVE FOUND IN THEIR FAVOR!



Editor's note: I advised this writer that I would be delighted to interview her.
Arlene, you are a strong woman, and a courageous one at that! I wish you so very well.

As for my people, the Afrikans born in Amerikkka , we are in grave danger. I think the masses are fully well aware of that fact. I cannot tell you the feeling of being an Afrikan born in this country. We lead the nation in hypertension,and we die before every one else. We are a psychologically traumatized people, and I feel that many of us are just tired right now, even though we can't afford to be.

As you mentioned , this country is well on it's way to exterminating us. I look at my beautiful 4-year old son (Who is with me as I write this to you) and I wonder how selfish I was to help bring him into this hateful country. I feel as though I sentenced him to a possible early death. Why should he be subjected to the same miserable existence that his parents and ancestors have had to endure? He was hated in the womb!

Our problem right now is there is no leadership. All of our true leadership has either been murdered, sent into exile,or imprisoned . This current bourgeois class has bought into this sytem and enriched itself off the blood and struggle of the people. They only act when it concerns their particular class interests.

In Africa and Asia as well as the Pacific Islands we have the same problems. We may very well be witnessing the extinction and extermination of the oldest people on earth, the Afrikans.

Stay strong Arlene, and god bless you for your humanity and caring.

Dear Arlene,
You might be aware of this book & author, but if not it might be useful to you in the struggle to convince those who dismiss our work as "conspiracy theory."

The book is ELITE DEVIANCE by David R. Simon, a University professor, published by a scholarly/academic press, Allyn & Bacon. It lends dignity and an official/scholarly sort of
sanction or benediction to our work that people want and are conditioned by the controlled media to dismiss as so much kook-ism. It looks like an upper level college
textbook and has the format and style of one. Table of contents - things like "The US Social Structure:The Power Elite" - "Acts of Economic Domination" - "Crimes of
Government and Government Control" - "The Creation of Crisis" - "Deviance and Multi-national Corporations", etc. Case studies are things like the S & L rip-off, Iran-
contra, the CIA funneling of drugs to the LA Crips and Bloods, Promis/Inslaw - the things we read about on the net but that are dismissed by our friends & family, when we try
to tell them about them, as over-blown/hysterical/muddy thinking "conspiracy theory."

I have this book out now from the library but I think I will want to buy it. If I could
afford to I would give copies away - except that my experience is, people don't read the books you give them.

Thank you for "fighting the good fight"- keep it up - I will retain your email address in case I come across stuff I think might help you & you can do the same if it is no
trouble. I do get cia-drugs postings.

Dear Arlene Johnson,
Thank you very much for your e-mail of January 21st. I apologize for not having responded earlier but I have been travelling constantly. We very much appreciate the points you raise. You will see from TRANSCEND's own work and publications (such as the forthcoming second edition of "Searching for Peace," Pluto Press, May 2002) that we are also very critical and pay meticulous attention to the action and policies enforced by political, military and economic elites. We are very clearly aware of the motives and actions guiding these polices, particularly those of the United States, including JCS 570/2 and the Kennan-Schelling Doctrine.

The Peace Journalism Training Programme is meant to help make journalists more aware of these issues with some of the leading journalists and critical peace researchers in the world. It also helps us to develop a network of journalists world-wide interested in putting forward more honest, critical and constructive perspectives on conflicts and other important issues.

With many thanks for your message,
In solidarity,
Kai Frithjof

Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen
Co-Director, TRANSCEND
Director, PATRIR
206 James St.
Ottawa, ON
Tel. & Fax: (1-613) 234-7511
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